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    Airsoft//Hand Gun//Rifles especially sniper rifles//Computer games//Gadgets
  1. There is no such thing as Microsoft picture editor. May be you are talking about these: Microsoft Photo Editor (this is the editor that comes with MS office 97) Microsoft Picture Manager (this is the editor that comes with MS office 2003) Microsoft Paint The first 2 are paid applications & is quite expensive. The last one is come with any Ms Windows. It is most likely that you are talking about the last one. Unfortunately Ms Paint is the worst of those 3. If you are not concerning about quality it is better to choose any multiple image resizer freeware application out there because it
  2. I stumble upon this area of the forum & found some people still face difficulties resizing or editing image(s). This is a simple tutorial that uses a free & open source application called Gimp that I've been using for years & you can download it here: http://www.gimp.org (I disabled the link due to forum restriction, just copy & paste it on your browser) It is multiplatforms (Ms Windows, MacOS & Linux compatible), just choose which one do you need. To resize an image: Open the image using Gimp On the menu bar choose Image>Scale Image... Change the Width or Height i
  3. Hi all...! I'm new from Indonesia & blind about all of this stuff. I play Airsoft & I wanna buy an outfit that match my personality. My Airsoft Club is using US Woodland & Multicam. (I'm also a new member at my Airsoft Club) I just bought a Marpat Frog Woodland (thank's to my wife's cousin for this) & searching for multicam (and may be other). The number of choices confused me as this is the first time I plunge into Military field. Please guide me through the unknown
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