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  1. some of the caves he finds he can never find again, i think the one that blew me away was the foot high tank in the cave, have a look at that one
  2. i know what you mean but no one can be an expert in every area they obviously had never seen one before and gave their best opinion at the time based on the circumstances where it was found, he got it in the end though, send him a message if you think he missed something, he is really friendly and his videos are very very interesting.
  3. check this out, http://youtu.be/ixYBFmV5hsU
  4. if their cargo was worth recovering they would have been found along time ago.
  5. they could be like me, never seen one before so will just wait till someone who has comments, i will know one if i see it now (looks like i might stumble across a D bail before one of these though), pretty neat. :thumbsup:
  6. I think you guys are looking at this all wrong, how likely is it a helmet would survive over 60+ years with the markings you like intact, it happens but there not that common, and could be fake, but your more likely to pick up a 50's repaint and find some awesome markings "preserved" under the paint, as far as i know, i could be wrong no fakers are painting up helmets then hitting them with 50's era respray and selling them for a couple of bucks. the guy in the video is preserving combat used helmets, you just have to find them.
  7. thats pretty neat, i wonder if that shell can be traced to the owner, seeing it had a laundry? number in it, if the location and who were there at the time is known
  8. i wear full woodlands BDU when i play paint ball, it intimidates the other players, im alright at paint ball but you wouldn't believe how much the fear factor helps. (that and the 500-600 extra rounds i have hanging off of me), if i could find a helmet that would fit comfortably over my paint ball mask i would, my gear is nothing special but i only pick up real stuff, ive thought about that cheap ABS plastic stuff a few times but told myself off, i will find the real thing eventually. i almost had a SF helmet, some guy from NZ brought it back from Iraq was given it while he was on a black
  9. i would love a jeep, yours looks great nice job, not too keen on the 101st markings though, i would paint mine with some random unit markings then slap some paint over it and add New Zealand markings, just like our boys used to, its only stolen if you get caught
  10. PS3 pfffft.... i find a talkers helmet can take a xbox 360 headset just fine, however the neck not so much. i would have made the PS3 work with the original helmet mic, then it would sound way cooler
  11. getting anything shipped from the states is so expensive its not funny if they will ship at all to begin with, every other country seems quite reasonable but not the states, so this is really going to help people like me in New Zealand getting stuff shipped to them.... not
  12. have a look here: http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/ind...ost&p=24555
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