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  1. IMO the paint doesn’t exhibit much wear compared to the webbing of the liner. It could have been painted at wars end which could help explain the condition. However with that said, I think it looks cartoonish and recently done. The 104th typically used stencil/spray paint or paper decals. This one is clearly not in line with their typical type of markings. Robert
  2. It could be a laundry number based off of his officer serial number too, dont rule that out. I have personally had two officer helmets that were marked that way.
  3. Is this the one you originally claimed as fake?
  4. Oh gotcha. I guess Im confused on why it was bumped then. Thanks Kurt. Robert
  5. Costa- why did you think it was good? Would like to know see your perspective on it.
  6. Doesnt look favorable from this picture. Link to the auction?
  7. The photos dont do it justice I am sure!!
  8. Google is saying that lacquer and enamel paints were around well before the 1940s, so both of them being available was possible for the timeframe of this helmet. Acrylic apparently wasnt made available until the 1950s.
  9. Agreed about the mismatched types of paint. Were there types of paint like enamel and lacquer in the 40s?
  10. The liner appears to have possibly been shellacked at some point but has flaked off. Robert
  11. Long story short, and the point crotalus is trying to convey is-the M1924 tag is a lot harder to find than a Vietnam era blank and should be left alone and not stamped. Robert
  12. Crassou54, I will do some searching to see if I can find any info on this guy and will PM you.
  13. Whats the big issue? OP is clearly not speaking his native language, which is evident by his opening of bonjour. Anyone who has the art of the English language can surely conclude what his question is regarding the dog tag. No need to put him down because his articulation, spelling, or proofreading isnt up to your standard.
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