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  1. Yeah, could be. I've done just about every google key word search there is.
  2. Anyone recognize this patch? Jeff
  3. I"ll try and contact the company and see if they have any information. The crossguard does have "William Rogers I cut my way" on it, as well as Sheffield England on the other. As like most of us, Im trying to identify exactly what it is for my own reasons. It would be nice if it was wartime made, but if its post war, oh well. I've been looking for one of these for years and this on just fell out of the woodwork. Thanks Jeff
  4. Am I correct that this a WWII vintage fighting knife. Marked William Rogers Sheffield England and a 4. Scabbard is stamped made in England and the snaps stamped Newey England. Came from a Marine who served during Vietnam, but his job would of allow his to confiscate this. Thanks Jeff
  5. May not be the right area to post this but I am trying to find out a little info on this 13" autoknife. I think its fairly old, and I have not been able to reference the way the blade springs out. Its odd and in the photo, you can see how the spring mechanism sticks out from the handle. I know some of these go for a ton of money. Could be a bring back item as I got it with another knife I'll post. Thanks jeff
  6. Another, from the same person. Color is amazing. Jeff
  7. One I had framed, Came from a daughter of a PT boat Captain
  8. Nice display. That looks very nice. I checked out his website and wonder what he charges for a special order. Probably out of my range.
  9. Anyone purchased reproduction aircraft panels, nose art, etc? Where did you purchase it and are you satisfied with the look and cost. Thanks Jeff
  10. Poor lighting has made thing a little yellow. Reverse
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