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  1. I don't see that I posted the size of the printing block, but it's large for a print block. 5" x 7".
  2. I picked this up last weekend. When I got it home, I noticed the picture was loose along the bottom edge. After pulling it up, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it has some information on the back. I’ve been doing a little online searching and found the exact picture, identifying each soldier, on the 314th.org website. The last image below is one of the pages from the site. The two Captains in the front row, both earned their Distinguished Marksman’s Medals at this competition. Not my area of collecting, but was too unusual to pass up.
  3. I seen this in a shop today. Not in my area of collecting, but had to stop and take notice of the Purple Heart ribbon. The other end is a Commendation Medal, but I can't find anything to identify the one in the middle.
  4. This was in a lot of military buttons. Looks similar to a Texas Navy button. Measures 26mm, with a plain tin back. Anyone have any thoughts?
  5. I found an old cigar box full of military items my father sent me a long time ago, and came across these in a ziplock bag. I could only find one reference to the motto "Fortune Provides", and that was a broken link. Any ideas?
  6. Out of the blue a guy walks in my shop today wanting to trade for a rifle scope. He pulls out a bag of military items from all branches, and just about every country. Most of it was new and common. He asks what will it take to make the trade? He had nothing I wanted, but he needed the scope. I pulled these along with 5-6 other items out, and made the trade. Not my area of collecting...................yet . As my wife always says to me when I bring something home "Hi, my name is Jon and I'm a collect-o-holic. I'll enjoy them for a few days, and then find them a new home.
  7. Couple more of the pictures from the photo album. Both post war, but nice anyways. First one appears to be a couple of guys showing their battle wounds. The second looks like he's wearing a 12 button Union Shell Jacket.
  8. Found an photo album at the local antique mall today that had a small group of military photographs in it.
  9. Worked out a trade with a friend and took this piece to make us "even". Not in my area of collecting, but thought it was a neat cup. I don't know if the markings on the bottom relate to anything, yet.
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