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  1. Good Morning, I want to inform you that I've news about mrjingol. I have all the information about him. (name, surname, address). Thank you guys for your help. You saved me from this idiot! Grazie!!!!!!! Federico
  2. Hi grant, Yes. This is the discussion: http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/256397-the-3rd-infantry-division-helmet/
  3. Hi! Yes. He is an italian seller.... mr.jingol = mr.ciak = fake I don't have words for this helmet. I got it but I won't pay for a fake! The 2° helmet came from a different seller. In the past I showed it here in the forum and they told me that was original. Can Someone explain me how to recognize a fake insignia? How do I understand if they used burnt umber?
  4. I take advantage of the chat ... and what about this helmet? what do you think guys? This is another one :-)
  5. Hi Guys, I want to show you this 3rd infantry division helmet. It's a fixed bales. What do you think about the insignia? I've my opinion but I'd like to receive yours. I hope well. Let's see! Thank you!!! :-) Federico
  6. Hi Guys, I've from a long time this uniform that I took few years ago from a good collector. Today I'd like to receive your opinion about the patch Thank you :-) Federico Thank you :-) Federico
  7. Thank you :-) Do you have other opinions?
  8. Hi Guys :-) I'd Like to receive your opinions about this 3rd Infantry Helmet in Relic Condition. My friend used Oxalic Acid ... but for me the blue color is really suspect...... What do you think? Thank you! :-) Federico
  9. Thank you for your replies guys. I'm reading with great interest your opinions. I showed the patch that patches sent me to my friend and in his opinion is a little different. In mine I'm pretty sure that the patch on the jacket is definetely not a WWII model For the helmet do you have more details/opinions? Thank you so much! Federico
  10. Hello Guys, Today I'm here for helping a friend. He got this WWII helmet and this M43 jacket with 3RD Infantry patch and Insignia. The helmet is a fixed bail. In my opinion the helmet is original, but I've many doubts about the originality of this insigna. Same for the jacket. I'm not sure that the patch is there from the '40s. This is only my opinion, but I'd like to know yours What do you think guys? Thank you so much - Federico
  11. Buongiorno! Good Morning! Thank you for your opinion URIK! Yes, the chin straps are really long!! I've a curiosity: Could it be an M1 Paratrooper Helmet, modified into this later? Because I don't know what to think, the chinstraps are the longest that I've and for sure these are original (I compared with my other Helmets) Thank you so much for all your answers guys!!!
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