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  1. You are welcome Kim, I posted some Unit crests in an other topic and they all seems to be German made with similair hardware. Feel free to take a look over there.
  2. Sure no problem but unfortunately no attachment anymore, you can clearly see it was a reinforced block with a pin. Thank you
  3. Here is a German made DUI. I found a lot in a local flea market All seems to be german made. First one is: 322nd heavy tank battalion. Raised in 1948 and based overseas in Germany. Thank you for watching
  4. thank you,nice to know the are theather/german made.the hardware pins do remind me of ww2 NSDAP party badges Sorry i put them in the wrong forum so maybe a Mod can remove this thread or replaced it
  5. Its the 94th Air Defense Artillery Battalion Motto Scroll "The Thunderbolt Defenders"
  6. Thank you, My question about identification is for the first group they are not easy to find for me. And yes I searched a lot. The lowest group is easy but I.m only curious about there age
  7. I also would like to ask how old these are with this hardware. Thank you
  8. Hi all, Have found some pins but no successful identification so far. I believe some are older or obsolete. Thank you
  9. HI, I know is not a official allowed tab to wear but has anyone ever encounter tabs like these and any guess which period. Thank you
  10. Looks like a German dress bayonet
  11. Thank you, I know the Czech used a ERDL pattern so a Eastern-Europe country is possible.
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