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  1. Thanks for your opinion.
  2. HI, I know is not a official allowed tab to wear but has anyone ever encounter tabs like these and any guess which period. Thank you
  3. Looks like a German dress bayonet
  4. Thank you, I know the Czech used a ERDL pattern so a Eastern-Europe country is possible.
  5. Hi all, I do not know what this parka exactly is. Looks to be later made ERDL and for military use instead of commercial/hunting. Some other countrys adopted the pattern but no match so far. No markings or tags. Thank you.
  6. I think eickhorn is in this case the distributor. Never saw the two companys markings together on one blade btw. Thank you
  7. Thank you guys, What i also noticed is there is no importers name so i think its sold straight from Germany ?
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