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  1. Think I have all you need. Email me at jvw734@gmail.com and I will see what I have. Joe
  2. Parachute wing ID needed. Any help appreciated.
  3. Need ID of this patch of parachutist under canopy.
  4. Hi. Did you ever get all the PRC-77 parts you needed?
  5. Hi. First time on this site so hope this works. If you still need 77 parts email me at jvw734@gmail.com and will see what you need and what I have. Thanks. Joe
  6. 1941 - 43 on one side tab 555th on other. Thanks for any help.
  7. Thanks for any help id'ing.
  8. Looks like EOD but which unit. Thanks.
  9. Here are the pics of the three coins mentioned in my last post. 1-2 1st SF Gp Korea 3-4 USAF CCT 5-6 USAF TACP 1983 These two USAF coins I believe are the first modern Air Force Coins.
  10. Late 1970's I was a USAF Combat Controller stationed at Clark AFB RP. While TDY to Korea working with the 1st SF stationed in Seoul Korea we were issued the SF coin and introduced to the coin rules. Before returning to Clark we had our own CCT coin made. These were wore under scuba watches and on neck chains as you were likely to be coin check at any time. 1980 I was assigned to the Tactical Air Control Party assigned to the 18th Airborne Corps and the 82nd Airborne Div. at Ft. Bragg NC. In 1983 just as we were deploying to Grenada with the 82nd I had a TACP coin made in the US. The drawings w
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