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  1. Hi MohawkALSE It's never too late to reply to a thread, I've only just looked at this forum today for the first time in about 3 months myself. I would like to see your photos and if you ever manage to get stuff out of storage I'd be interested in purchasing some of it. I have already obtained the manuals and found them very informative. I'm heading to the US early next year so if anyone can suggest any surplus or recovery businesses where I might be able to find Mohawk cockpit parts that would be appreciated. Cheers Paul
  2. G'day MWalsh Thanks for the link to the other thread which I hadn't seen before. They certainly have a lot of Mohawks, I'll have to chase down a contact and see if they can help in any way. Cheers Paul
  3. Hello everyone, I have a long term restoration project of a Grumman Mohawk cockpit underway, part of this is a refurbishment of a J5B ejection seat. I live in Australia so understandably parts are very hard for me to source, I'm posting this up in the hope that someone will have parts I need, know someone who has parts or can suggest places I can search for them. I've read the other Mohawk ejection seat thread and intend to follow up some leads from that. My cockpit is from OV-1C 60-3757 which served with the 244th Aviation Company in Vietnam and is in very poor condition, my seat on the o
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