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  1. MOH recipient Bennie Adkins has passed away due to complications from the coronavirus...He was 86...God bless you sir for your service and dedication to God and country....RIP...Bodes https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/bennie-adkins-medal-of-honor-recipient-dies/ar-BB12NLIa
  2. The medal in the photo is not symmetrical....Looks to be taller height wise in comparison to it's width....A marksman badge is square....There also looks to me what appears to be two vertical lines on the lower leg of the cross....On my screen, they look like legs of an eagle...Bodes
  3. Looks like the shape of a cross with an eagle w/ turned down wings on it.....Military academy or NY state medal perhaps?.....Bodes
  4. Interesting, my father was born and raised in Clintonville, Wisconsin.....The FWD factory/museum are there....Both my grandfathers worked at the factory during WW2, building vehicles for the military....Nice find, Bodes
  5. Never seen one with feet attached....Too cool...Bodes
  6. Thank you for the reply....Bodes
  7. Being wounded was deemed a meritous act, hence those WIA's from previous wars could apply for the medal....Since there were no awards at that time for receiving war wounds, the PH took up the role...Having said this, PH's awarded for incidences not involving wounds are rare and desirable....Bodes
  8. Did the early Quality Hardware marked stocks (w/I-cut, high wood) also come with the 'RMC' marked handguards?.....Bodes
  9. That's the infantry division (39th) that my uncle was in....I think Company 'B'....Nice little group.....Bodes
  10. Also want the ones with the four closures instead of three...Bodes
  11. Are you certain it's not for a soldier who served earlier than WW1?...Bodes
  12. That is indeed the correct pipling colors for an enlisted WAC...Bodes
  13. Is that WAC piping?....Looks like maybe gold with green.....If so, being an NCO, we know the hat shouldn't have a rank insignia on it....Bodes
  14. I would speculate they had loose manufacturing specs when it came to adding the pockets....Bodes
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