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  1. Thank you Phantomfixer for posting the photos.....Bodes
  2. I believe the RM/C denotes Canadian issue...Bodes
  3. Here's a Callaway Mills 1945 cover w/o the stitching on the front on eBay....It's OD however instead of Khaki...Bodes It won't let me copy the link but the item number is 193838599877
  4. Forum members, I came across a WW2 style US marked canteen cover that was khaki colored, but strangely didn't have the stitching on the front or maker markings on the backside...It has the grey lining....The web belt it's attached to has a Japan tag, and an unmarked canteen, so I assume these to be commercial....Does the canteen cover sound commercial as well?....Any thoughts appreciated as usual...Bodes
  5. I was wondering what happened to the German sniper rifle Murphy captured during the war....However, it's doubtful the M1 carbine is his....It has the earlier high wood buttstock, but also a type 3 barrel band (w/bayonet lug).....There isn't any known photographic evidence of carbines using these bands in the ETO....Bodes
  6. Thanks for the reply....What's the purpose or cause of this?...Is one a tag with updated information?....Bodes
  7. Forum members, I have a set of NOK dog tags with one tag being completely devoid of tetanus, blood type, or religious information....The guy enlisted in April 1941 and first tetanus shot was Jan. 1942....The other tag having slightly bigger letter font with text being applied to the opposite side of the tag, that has both his blood and religion preference, but still no tetanus information...The NOK name is his father, and has a period in his middle name, periods in the city, state, etc...These "extras" are on the second tag, but not the first.... AFAIK this was the only set of his tags, as it
  8. I've got one dog tag in a set of two, that is an early NOK one...It is lacking tetanus information, religion, and blood type....The vet went into the military in April 1941 and got his first tetanus shot in January 1942 (per service records)....Bodes
  9. Looks like rambob and myself think alike...Bodes
  10. Interesting information.....Thank you for the post, Bodes
  11. I was just thinking again about CD usage....Although the white helmets are quite easy to obtain, one would think there would be an abundance of first aid kits as well...Just about every major city in the US would have at least one shelter....The cold war started not long after WW2 and continued on until the Reagan administration....That's 40 years....Bodes
  12. I was actually so tickled to find something similar on the internet, I figured I should post it....I was more interested in showing what the box looked like and the contents sticker, although this "cabinet" isn't a perfect match....It's lacking the decal on the lid, only has one latch as opposed to two, and the hangers are different...I suspect the box is smaller in size, hence the variations....Bodes BTW....The boxes inside the cabinet were all identical to the one I posted the link for....They all had an 'A' followed by a number and had Uniflex on them...
  13. Survival, Thank you for the reply...Bodes
  14. Here's a listing for a Uniflex First Aid Cabinet No. 524....The 24 being the number of contents in comparison to the 36 in the other one....One of the pictures shows the content sticker inside the cabinet's cover....Bodes https://www.etsy.com/listing/80442900/vintage-bauer-black-uniflex-first-aid?show_sold_out_detail=1&ref=nla_listing_details
  15. Thanks Dustin, I see at least three more items listed inside the cover of your first container....The poison ivy packs are interesting, but I would doubt would be for a kit used in an industrial setting....Who gets poison ivy working in a factory?.....Another thing I noticed is some of the kits you show here have sealed covers....The one I looked at did not....I would think a sealable kit would more likely be used in the field...And lastly, does the "A-1" designation on the reproduction box (in the link) have anything to do with designating Army use?.....Bodes
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