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  1. The serial # is in the 234000 range which makes them made in the early thirties (1931-32)....Bodes http://camera-wiki.org/wiki/Bausch_%26_Lomb_serial_numbers
  2. Two people on the WAF think these were civilian ones loaned out to the military during WW2.....Bodes
  3. My set also has an adjustment wheel not found on either of the sets shown above....Bodes
  4. Unfortunately I don't do pictures....Here are a couple pictures of similar markings found on mine however...The first shows the manufacturers markings, mine having the person's name engraved identically above that....The second photo shows similar 7X35 marking, only lacking the USN information above this...Mine also having the coated optics decal across the size....The case looks pretty close to the one in the background....The second photo is a set sold on Etsy under the name of 1950's B&L 7X30 Zephyr binoculars...Bodes
  5. Forum Members, I obtained a pair of Bausch & Lomb 7X35 binoculars that I cannot quite figure out....The USN did not use 7X35 binoculars during WW2, that I am aware of....But these have U.S. NAVY BU SHIPS over No. 8511-1944 on the left panel....Lower down is 7 X 35....Also has the Coated Optics decal....On the right panel are a person's name and BAUSCH & LOMB over OPT. Co. over Rochester NY USA....There is no model number or designation....Are these WW2 binoculars or post war civilian?....The case is black leather with Bausch & Lomb, USA in a diamond...Fittings are chromed...Any tho
  6. Bought a Vietnam era (1969) blue USAF peak cap for .50 at a second hand store....Of course, it's missing the eagle insignia... As for the navy jumper, I agree it's lucky to find the ribbons still on it....These small items, including collar insignia are always the first things swiped while they sit on the rack...Seen it many times....About four months ago a WW2 US army dress coat at a Salvation Army had it's collar insignia stolen....Bodes
  7. Gotcha!...Thank you, Bodes
  8. Thanks Blacksmith, They sold for $1200, but I don't know if that's reasonable or not?...Bodes
  9. I assume these are WW2 era USMC tops/bottoms, which recently sold online?....I have two pair of camouflage coveralls but know nothing about these....Any thoughts appreciated as usual....Bodes
  10. I think Hasbro was selling the Germans short, or just selling short Germans....Bodes
  11. Some M42's were double decaled....Polizei for instance....I agree Schultz (John Banner's) helmet and Luftwaffe decal appear to be original wartime production....However the tri-color has a noticeable white border, which denotes it as being a reproduction.... Original wartime M42 Army/Air Force helmets are said to have been issued in limited numbers, but 1940 regulations called for that decal (tri-color) to be covered or removed for the remainder of the war....This wasn't something that was always enforced however...Bodes
  12. They also may be BW (West German) helmets which used a wing nut that tightened on a threaded stud inside the dome area....Bodes
  13. This guy appears to have a Spanish helmet as you can see what looks like a hole in the front where a clip would have been...It's also lacking the suspension pins found in the temple areas of true Wehrmacht helmets, seen on the other helmet in the picture.... This guy is likely wearing the same style helmet....Bodes Here's a Spanish helmet with piece mounted to the front....
  14. Hola Espana, Welcome to the forum Junkyard....Hope you spend much time with us and your experience is worthwhile.....Happy collecting, Bodes P.S. Spanish isn't my native tongue..
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