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  1. Great set up. Much better than mine !
  2. You could try message the authors. I think one of them is a member of the forum.
  3. Just never seen pouch with the brass snap, usually some sign of black paint?
  4. No I'm pretty sure they're brass. Just the light.
  5. New to these pouches never had one in hand before. Worried about brass hardware?
  6. That torn of assault vest bottom is very cool. Great collection
  7. Didnt Inland send their parts and remaining shells to Westinghouse before the war ended? Is it possible that the Inland buckles ended up on the Westinghouse A yokes? -copied from the other thread So would this make the liner late war 1945?
  8. Since only 'post war' liners had OD webbing. Would this make this liner war time??
  9. Thought it could be fake. Seeing as it is a Westinghouse liner. The guy states that Westinghouse made an early run of these a frames before production of the standard Westinghouse OD a frames. Any help is appreciated.
  10. Wandered what you guys thought of this. Thanks. Ed
  11. Could anyone possibly tell me what the 45 under the arrow means?? Thanks ed
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