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    Vintage Military shirts and jackets, Mainly from 1930s-1970s. Military Denim and HBT or my favorites. Still a new collector learning as much as possible!
  1. Yeah that would explain how tough they are to track down! Too bad though, great looking jacket!
  2. You could very well be right! Heres a couple pictures of the label of the one ive been able to find pictures of.
  3. Hey guys, Ive always been a big fan of the USN A-2 deck jackets, and have came across pictures 3 different times of camo versions with full military spec tags. As far as I know they are real, but i was curious on the history of them and why they are so much more rare to find! If anyone has any insight on this topic let me know!
  4. Man, i really appreciate the info! So happy to know a bit of the original owners history.
  5. Wow super cool thanks for sharing this! Crazy how shirts from the same guy can get spread out all over!
  6. Here is a close up of the patches. Would the red and black Airborne patch have been theater made?
  7. Hey guys, i got my hands on this beauty the other day and was hoping to do some research on the soldier who wore it! I have havent had much success looking up service records in the past so id love some pointers on how to do so! Also, feel free to look him up if thats something youre into. The name tape says "Galington". Also on the same subject, Ive been curious about what determined when the sateen uniforms would have been worn instead of the jungle fatigues. Was it just personal preference? I also would like to thank everybody on here who is willing and able to help other collectors lea
  8. Oh! Good to know. Ive seen this same pattern with the two lower pockets a time or two, would that be the civilian issued version?
  9. Hey guys, this may be a long shot but as a pretty new collector of Vietnam era uniforms I have been really intrigued by all of the variations of uniforms worn. While reading the forums about different types of camo adapted by the US during Vietnam, I kept reading about commercial hunting camo being used. Most of the time it seems like their is no way to actually prove that a hunting piece was worn during the war. That being said, I have seen a few examples on here of commercial hunting camo with patches and name tape etc. and I thought it would be cool to see more examples of authentic patched
  10. Great looking N-1! I personally havent seen an original with that style of tag, but i also havent seen any civilian issued ones with real alpaca on the collar so it seems legit to me
  11. Really late but i figured id add a couple pictures of the ROK camo i have that was worn by a USMC soldier for future readers to see!
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