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  1. Good to see some Dog's on here! Thanks for the replies, to all others. "This is my hat. there are many like it, but this one is mine." I know everybody's got a hat up their a$$.
  2. Thanks for the information guys. Did not know it was Polish made, I was going to ask that question next. I have a sea bag full of Iraqi gear from Kuwait, most of it borderlines on junk. On top of that the crap still stinks after all this years, what was I thinking.
  3. I'm in the process of rediscovering my Marine past and thought I would share an item with you all. I was fresh out of 0811 school and was sent to my unit that was already in Saudi. This is the Boonie hat I was issued when I first arrived. I was given a nickname so I wrote that on it. The Spade on top was a designation given for the Battery I was assigned to "Fox" which was apart of 1st Battalion 12th Marines.
  4. Good to know info, Thanks mcmike
  5. Does anyone know what the writing on the inside says?
  6. I stumbled across this site and found it interesting. I started to think about the helmet I wore in Desert Shield/Storm as a Marine. I went into the attic and and found it in my old sea bag. As soon as I saw it the memories flooded back to another time and place in my life. As I pondered at the helmet I was surprised that it still had a smoky smell and I could see little black dots that were made by the oil fires. I had to put the Kevlar back on my head an look into a mirror. Once I saw my reflection all I could do was laugh at myself and say what happened to the young hard charger. What you
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