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  1. ive got two just like it in an instructor grouping, they are legit and so is this one
  2. yeah, definetly dont wanna buy from a faker, especially wings. which are a big part of my collecting
  3. Are the WW2 era USS Croaker pins sweetheart or uniform worn? ill email the pic for someone to post.
  4. Matt, email me and ill send pics your way. Im unable to upload for some reason hooligantools7@yahoo.com
  5. some good air corps, im digging the Merrill patch too
  6. im gonna get a custom set of ribbons from my service sewn on one of my class a jackets. Makes a lasting impression on the uniform i feel.
  7. i just recently returned a named/ patched G1 USMC korean war jacket to the pilots son. he insisted on paying for it.
  8. that pocket patch is pretty nice
  9. im getting that patch tattooed
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