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  1. Hi Guys, thanks. Does the same principle apply to the leather wrap on the WWII bayonet as well?
  2. Hi All, I guess the topic would apply to any WWI or WWII era leather boots. I just purchased a pair of WWII jump boots from a fellow member here. The condition is great, given 74 years old period. What should I do to preserve them? I mean besides putting them in an A/C controlled and enclosed environment. Should I oil them? Would that depreciation its historical value? If I need to oil them, what type of oil to use? Thanks,
  3. Hi Guys, I am wondering if anyone is attending this year's D-Day Currahee run/walk? I am attending it for sure. Last year it was my first Currahee run. At that time I just shook off 20 lbs and started running for 2 months. I did it in an hour and half. Hopefully this year I would beat my personal record. I don't think there is a military weekend, like last October? Anyone, I am really hoping to see some USMF members there. P.S: I'm driving from Charleston, SC.
  4. Does anyone know where I could find the real WWII Chinese uniform and helmet and cap? Why they have never been seen in the collector's market? Both of my grandfathers fought in mainland China in WWII with the national party against Mao. They both shared with me many of their war stories, and their retreat to Taiwan. Unfortunately, none of them still have their uniforms. Sadly, I cannot find any real WWII Chinese uniforms in China or Taiwan as well, except the reproductions. Could anyone help? Thanks,
  5. If you think "Black Cat" is interesting, and maybe is touched by what these heroic pilots did for the country and the free world, search "Black Bat". 17 of 28 Black Cat pilots died. Black Cat pilots used the U2 high tech spy planes. 148 Black Bat pilots died, 2/3 of total squadron. They used B-26 to C123 planes. Unfortunately, their memories were faded. The missions were top secret. No one really talked about it until now. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Bat_Squadron
  6. Hi Everyone, 17th Currahee Challenge run is just next Saturday. I am heading there from South Carolina. I was wondering if there is any member going too? Maybe a little meet and greet? Thanks, Eric
  7. Thanks, UG and Ronnie. Glad I can contribute some to forum. The more I think about it, UG, your research may not be far away. Major H.F must have a last name starting either as "B" or "P", and ending in "ston". 白 pronounces as "Bai" or "Pai". So his last name must start as B or P 史托 pronouced together sound really like "-ston" So this major should have a name like, "H. F. B***ston" Or "H. F. P***ston." Thanks,
  8. Did someone call for Chinese? Obviously you already know the item you are showing is a name tag. So here is important thing to know... A native would take a foreign name and translate it into the native sound as close as possible. For example, "Confucius" is not the original name (孔夫子, Con-Fu-Zi). Westerners take his name in Chinese, and spell it as close as to English. Another example, "Donald Trump" translates into Chinese and becomes "唐諾 川普". Chinese take his name in English, and spell it as close as to Chinese. With this understanding, you gotta know the words in your na
  9. I think the non-profit organization is trying to restore Camp Toccoa, starting from the HQ. http://camptoccoaatcurrahee.com/
  10. I think I remember you! Sorry we didn't make introduction yesterday. Glad you were there to make the show even better. There were some vendors left as well. Maybe I will see you in GA show. There are some items I wanted to get. Maybe I will change my mind and chase you guys to GA. Lol
  11. I am actually here again, Tarbridge! Which table are you? I will stop by and say hello! (And wait a min, was I really the only Chinese guy in the show? I must have made an impression!!)
  12. With the new promoter this year, the event wasn't quite announced. Thank you for sharing it on the forum. Or I wouldn't know is show in my town. Very fantastic show. Also, I think I was the only Chinese guy in the show... Probably the entire weekend... Lol
  13. Thanks! Just bought 2 holders + 10 refills. I don't expect to see any moths, but $20 is worth for peace of mind. Also, I shouldn't buy it during my lunch time... looking at those moth pictures on the seller's website really made me losing appetite...
  14. I knew I should take biology major... not electrical engineering. Thanks, Thor.
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