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  1. What is it that makes you suspicious? I mention in another thread that I always offer to ship knives/bayos to European buyers for the best price. Frequently that is France. Japan too. And as one can always lower the price, I usually offer a buy it now at an extreme price, to catch the spur of the moment or well heeled buyer. Spending $700 is easier for some people than others.
  2. You wouldn't be insulting we very successful ebay sellers now, would you? Regardless, your choice, your loss.
  3. Good article, but really, white on black printing? Hasn't black on white stood the test of time? And isn't it easier to read?
  4. That is why I always offer international shipping on my ebay knife and militaria auctions. Beats the hell out of sitting at your table at a show, waiting for someone to happen by to make a low ball offer.
  5. As a new guy here I have inadvertently violated your rule about using hosting services. I do understand your reasoning for not being crazy about hosting. I will try to do better.
  6. Fascinating story and good information. Thank you very much!
  7. I pulled my $ numbers from recently completed ebay listings, those that actually sold.
  8. 'Verlängerungsmesser' means something along the lines of expanding knife. I was not clear that the first knife I show is a German made.
  9. Thanks. Painted steel handle sides. I've always been under the impression both sizes were issue. Seen decent ones sell on ebay $200 to 275.
  10. OP, what is the exact tang stamp on that thing, please. George Schrade/Presto?
  11. OP, you set the modeling bar awfully high. What great work!
  12. Pommel: A guy on ebay is selling never used Utica m3 pommels, drilled and with the pin included (and properly stamped with the flaming bomb. I don't know if he drilled them himself, as I have never seen a Utica with a pinned pommel. Anyway, I told the OP I would tell him how to rebuild the M3 handle the easy way, and here it is. Buy a newly made Camillus or Ontario reproduction. Remove the peened pommel. Then set the knife in a vise not very tight, point down, Just tap the tang and the knife will slide down, the washers comming off. Use a punch on the pommel if need be. Stack the rem
  13. Whoops. Doesn't seem I can edit my post. Here is the sheath pic.
  14. A German style folding bowie, what they call a Verlängerungsmesser. Second pic of OP's knife, you can see what looks to me like the button that keeps the knife closed. Is that so, OP? The backlock keeps it open. Handle looks to be horn. Here is your knife's brother, or at least a first cousin. Chinese copy? As the Chinese of that period made their own mausers, a knife like this would be a piece of cake. A sheath for one of these things, very close to the one with the OP's knife. I have no idea if the sheath shown here actually goes with the knife shown. Who could know for sure?
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