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  1. My pleasure. Glad that they saved this one but it's pretty sad to think about all that were sent to the scrapyard or to the bottom of the ocean.
  2. I had a chance a few weeks back to explore the USS Hazard, which is the only WWII minesweeper left (which is so sad to think about). Below is a link to my walk through the ship. Learned a lot! Enjoy!
  3. If you liked the movie Hacksaw Ridge, then you'll probably take interest in this one. Plus, I was able to visit the graves of the very first recipients of the Medal of Honor. Pretty amazing place!
  4. I wish that I would've asked about that. I know that the office has been painted over the years and just recently had the interior walls removed.
  5. I noticed that too. Imagine that thing tumbling end over end and then hitting you. My gosh.
  6. I know. So glad that they family preserved it all of these years.
  7. I had a chance not too long ago to visit the Civil War site for the Battle of Franklin (which is an often overlooked, but important battle). While most of the battlefield has been paved over, there are a few spots that have been preserved and/or reclaimed. One of those is the Carter House, which was at the epicenter of some of the most vicious fighting in the battle. This video showcases some of the aftermath. Be sure to watch to the end. There was one moment that was one of the most jaw dropping sights that I've ever seen on any battlefield. Enjoy!
  8. Had a chance this past week to go to Andrew Jackson's home, The Hermitage. Due to the virus, they were closed to the public but I arranged a private tour with their marketing director and got some behind the scenes access to the home. Pretty cool to see some of the gifts and relics from his time as a general in the War of 1812. If you're ever in Nashville, it's worth the stop for sure. I kind of got ripped apart by some rabid Jackson haters in a few Facebook groups, but I find the man to be an interesting study. Enjoy!
  9. Pretty cool to be able to see them in person. And yeah, I don't think that they held up quite as well as the Germans thought that they would.
  10. Thanks! Glad that you enjoyed it. So the wife is unlikely to appear in any of these videos. She makes a concerted effort to stay out from in front of the lens although I've snuck her into a few videos. She wasn't really into history that much until she linked up with me. It's just like anything. Once you know some of the stories behind the facts, you gain an appreciation for it. She's really good to have along because she takes more time to read stuff and picks out things that I'd miss otherwise. I was actually there as part of a training for a tour that I was supposed to lead in
  11. That might easily be the most memorable phone call that I've ever placed.
  12. It certainly felt like I was. I seriously could have spent an entire day walking those woods. I hope to go back someday when I have more time and do just that. Thanks for the kind words.
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