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  1. Hello- very nice hat and the research you provided was very helpful. I have a kepi that I believe to be Civil War, but there is no label so I am primarily relying on measurements and construction design. Can you tell me how you measured the rear of the hat to arrive at 4.75 inches? Did you measure on the outside from the base of the brim to the peak of the crown in the rear or did you measure from the inside peak to the bottom of the sweatband? Thanks in advance. It will help me a lot to compare the measurements of my hat to yours.
  2. This helps a lot. Thanks again for your information.
  3. Thank you so much for this wonderful information. Could you help me with the other part of the question as to how to tell the difference between a Civil War officer kepi and enlisted kepi when there are no emblems? I know that Civil War officer kepis would have cloth emblems such as the infantry horn sewn to the front, while Civil War enlisted kepis would have metal insignia, often on the top, but what if there are no emblems? I have studied many photos of Civil War soldiers and officers wearing kepis and except for those rare photos that have the officer kepi with the trefoil lines sewn on,
  4. Can anyone help me identify the maker of this kepi? It looks like the last part of the name is "rock & Co." and the location appears to end with "ney." Perhaps someone knows who made this kepi and whether the manufacturer was Civil War or later. Also I know this may seem like a silly question but I have been studying pictures of Civil War officer and enlisted kepis that have no trefoils and no emblems on them and for the life of me I cannot tell the difference between an officer or enlisted cap in these instances. Some people have told me the absence of a chin strap means it was enlisted b
  5. Just want to be sure that everyone is clear on what I am saying. I am NOT saying I believe all of these named hats are real. Most, if not all are fakes based on one or two original examples previously observed by the person(s) who are engaging in criminal activity. As much as the rest of you, I would like to see them get caught and brought to justice. What I am saying is that it is possible that one of the named hats could be the real deal but that nobody would ever believe it given the high volume of hats similarly marked that have recently flooded the market. Hence my comment on the Yeager h
  6. I can assure you my pockets are not deep. I have a modest collection. Saw the Eaker hat at the tail end of a show, made a very low offer and got it for just over the price that unnamed Lux hats often (though not always) sell for. Got a nice Lux, even if tainted with what has been concluded to be a bogus name stamp. I feel badly for those who have laid out thousands for the other items in question that sold in one day, given the conclusions that have been reached on them. But as for me, I have pulled the Eaker hat off the market so it wont be a bother to anyone again.
  7. The question is, what would really change if General Yeager said the hat was indeed his? Would that make ANY of the other hats more credible? Would the Pyle hat then be viewed as real since the same dealer has that hat also? Probably not. In earlier posts, people were doubting these hats since there were no known examples of an actual regular Joe officer's hat that was embossed in the way that the Eaker hat was embossed. Posts were stating that calling cards or handwritten ink names were the only known real examples. Then along comes a post showing SJ Charles hat embossed in the same way as E
  8. "QUESTION IS WHO IS REALLY AT FAULT. IF PEOPLE WOUNDT BUY IT THESE CLOWNS WOULDNT KEEP MAKING THIS STUFF UP AND SELLING IT. PEOPLE LOVE TO THINK THEY ARE BUYING AND POSSESSING A ONE OF A KIND UNIQUE ITEM. THEY STROKE THEIR EGO AND VANITY. PRETTY EASY TO SELL STUFF TO PEOPLE OF THIS TYPE." I recognize I may be a little slow and all, having purchased a "fake" Eaker hat to stroke my ego and stare at myself wearing it in the mirror since I am so vain, but did you really mean to post that the victim is to blame for the crime? Seriously? Can only imagine what your theory is on victims of violent
  9. I looked up the Jimmy Stewart, Paul Tibbets and Frank Luke items on the IMA website yesterday and all had sold. The Stewart and Tibbets combos with the hat and uniform were $5,000 each and the Luke hat was $2,000.
  10. With so many of these on the market, if there ever was one that actually was the real deal that the fakes were modeled after, who on this blog would ever believe it? The posting of a real Lux named to the non-famous officer shows that Luxenberg hats with stamped names where the letters were stamped unevenly and there were just initials for the first and middle name did exist after all. So the pattern existed unless you also are doubting the 30 year old collector's photo as well. What is a real shame is that when so many of these are showing up, all are suspect and none end up believable. In an
  11. Does anyone know where I could get a matched pair of original Civil War Colonel of Infantry shoulder straps? I am seeing occasionally examples at dealer sites for excessive prices and not even believing them to be Civil War issue. Civil War eagles were made with a fairly consistent technique that sets them apart from post war examples, so I would know one once I saw it, so if you are unsure and want to post a photo that would work as well or send me a message if that is somehow possible (I am new to this website and not sure of the features). Any help you can offer would be wonderful. Thank yo
  12. Thank you so very much for posting this! Not saying that my Eaker hat is real or not, but did notice that the "A" absolutely matches the "A" in the Eaker hat with the wider right leg and a foot extending off the bottom of the "A" to the right. That brings me to my original question that has just been answered. No doubt in my mind that someone out there of less than honest intent is adding in stamped names of famous high ranking officers to original WW2 hats to try to make a buck. He may even be using an original stamping kit he found that is of the correct font to examples such as your authent
  13. Starting to feel more and more like P.T. Barnum is the applicable inscription for this hat after all. I try to be so careful when buying and really gave the inscription a close look, all the time believing that matching the lettering to the Ernie Pyle lettering style was proof of authenticity for this one. Never thought there was a bushel of hats out there with similar stamping. I think I got duped real good on this one. What is it that Barnum said? A sucker born every minute? Or was he the one who said that if it seems too good to be true it probably is? Only paid slightly more than what an u
  14. Yeager's hat has convinced me. Someone seems to be out there adding fake names to authentic and high end crusher hats. Although my hat is real, the name may very well be an aftermarket fake or outright fantasy. Fakes are based on the modeling of a real example while fantasies never existed to begin with. I am wondering if there is a way to find out if Luxenberg ever custom branded their hats for a fee with the name of the officer. I also wonder if there is a way of dating the dye or paint used to make the varied and worn looking Eaker on my hat. Based on the evidence, I think the jury would co
  15. I guess if one concludes that the Ernie Pyle stamp is not real then it stands to reason that such stamping is fake on other hats as well. I had not previously considered that Gary sells fake items as his reputation has been strong in the dealer community, but I don't really know what else to say. Years ago I picked up a leather flight jacket from a dealer of aviation memorabilia that had two patches on it from squadrons of the 306th Bomb Group. The jacket had a leather name plate with wings embossed on it. The jacket was not an A2, but rather a private purchase. It came with photos of the offi
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