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  1. We are buying some Francis Stanley "Gabby" Gabreski's estate items. He was the #1 Ace of the European Theater of Operations for the US during WWII. There is a patch described as the fighter aces patch which we assume is a patch Aces get? Is there any information out there? We are still searching online. Thanks for any input! Photo attached. Perry
  2. Firefighter, Thank you! We won this under the impressions it was from WWII and so, when we get a response "doubt" arises about everything related to this badge. But we are confident and have faith it is authentic as the auction stated, just misleading mostly. It is an honor to hear a compliment about the USS Indianapolis submarine and the fine way in which it was given. May the military, all branches and support be lifted up by this compliment. God bless you! We have family that served in the military and know God blesses and blessed them to. P.C.
  3. Salvage Sailor, Thank you for what we believe the most specific and accurate advice. Because I purchased this and was told WWII Indianapolis Cruiser badge we continued our search for that answer. We believe this site is the best on answering questions on militaria. We will donate this badge to the Veterans Memorial Museum of Terre Haute if they will accept it under the definition of this badge as a USS Indianapolis (SSN-697) Chief Master At Arms, circa 1980s. Thank you again. P.C.
  4. MattS, yes everything will work out, Amen on that. And thank you again for telling us what about the Navy anniversary memorials that take place during disasters like this as you mention. There is a uniform of William Robert Mulvey from what I hear and his mother was from Indiana I believe from my research. We are still trying to find information that validates this though. The gentleman from Deluth, MN bought this from someone who knew the owner of the collection. So much information but no definite answers. We are looking again to the seller. I need to call as he quotes "WWII" in the a
  5. MattS, Oh my goodness, my God. Maybe that is it. Those people and sailors suffered so much, beyond- beyond. I can see this as a presentation piece for this man. I will contact the Retired Maj. Gen. who is over the museum and is almost done researching and completing this project as a USS Indianapolis submarine Master At Arms Chief badge. We will let him know your thoughts as he is approaching this mans family if they have an open line still with the Indiana War Memorial Museum in Indianapolis, IN. Thank you again! Perry
  6. MattS, Thank you for a third confirmation on this. The number three many times is the signature number agreeing to fact. We will take it as "a real badge from the 1980s submarine USS Indianapolis (SSN 697)". It is holds and weighs in the hand well. There was a gentelman from Chicago ( born ) that lived in Grand Rapids, MI that survived the disaster and was a Master at Arms Chief. He was in a a group of less than fifty men and only a handful survived from the article I found online from the WWII U.S.S. Indianapolis that survived and passed a year or so back. I was hoping it belonged t
  7. Garandomatic, Thank you kindly and God bless you! We forgot about the submarine, as I came upon it in the past. We are still researching it but if it, and it appears to new to be from WWII, is not WWII era then at least we know it is more than likely real, Amen. And, with that note, we are pleased to have part of Indianapolis and the state of Indiana in the Navy along with all the men, women and their families. If there is any evidence to the contrary, please help out to. Once again Garandomatic, Thank You! Blessings, Perry C.
  8. We purchased this for Indianapolis and Indiana. We need to know if this is from the flag ship U.S.S. Indianapolis and if it is real. There is an interest by the main museum which has a display area dedicated to the Indianapolis and it's crew who perished in 1945 after dropping off some of the Atomic Bomb parts but through blessings some survived. We have listed this quest twice before because we could not get both photos in. Please help if you can. Confirm or not if this is a real U.S.S. Indianapolis Master At Arms Chief Badge. Thank you in God's speed. P.C.
  9. This is the 2nd part of the questions, is this a real WWII or a real U.S.S. Indianapolis Master At Arms Chief Badge. This is the back side of the badge. Thanks for anything you can help with! P. C.
  10. Hello, any help is appreciated. We bought this recently to donate for posterity but need to know if it is in fact a WWII or an actual U.S.S. Indianapolis Master At Arms Chief Badge from the cruiser and flag ship of the 5th Fleet? that was sunk by the Japanese in 1945 after dropping off Atomic Bomb parts near the Philippines in 1945. I have no clue. It looks real to us. we have included photos that came from the auction. The seller is researching this for us but the gentleman's collection that it came from passed we hear and he was in his 90's. This was sent from the Grand Rapids, MI ar
  11. We have a WWII USAAF Flight / Warrant Officer small grouping. A Flight Officer Blue w/ metal coloring insignia with attached pin came with this grouping to, however the fabric 1 1/2 inch stretch band? It is unknown to us except maybe a Flight Officer cloth insignia of some sort. Please help. P.C.
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