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  1. Hello Michael, Thank you so much for your compliments. Please give it a try to redo one of your mannequins faces, I would love to see it. I will never judge any person that gives it a try, that is why I started this thread in the first place, to see more of you all. I'm sure more museums will follow the trend of realistic faces, it makes so much difference in a positive way... You can also find me on facebook https://www.facebook.com/stylistmannequin if you like visit me there, I welcome you and all others. Jacqueline
  2. Hello Micheal, First I want to say your collection is very nice, there is no good or bad for displaying, it's all about taste. I'm just a painter and sculptor of faces, but most of my work is for war museums and collectors. It's my deepest passion, and I love to see them back into their uniforms after I finished them. I can only speak for myself, but for me each uniform has a special story, my goal is to do them justice the best way I can because they deserve that. The faces should compliment the uniform and tell the story behind it. It's just how I see it. And we all know that most v
  3. Thank you! I'm glad to be back too. Such a shame you don't have photos. Time to post a new one! This is still one of my favorite faces I painted over the years. A battle look, tired but happy, I hope you like it. Happy easter to you all. Jacqueline
  4. Hi All, I was blocked or something was wrong,... but I couldn't log in to the forum for quitte some time. Happy to be back and see some new mannequins again!
  5. Thank you patches LOL..... no my avatar is not a copy of me, I'm the opposite, blue eyes and dark hair Jacqueline
  6. Hi All, It took some time but I'm back again. Here is a repainted before/after wax head I did some time ago, I hope I didn't post him before Jacqueline.
  7. @ Erwin, I see you soon and we talk with a good coffee @ Mercenary25, I love the way that head looks with the camouflage, I've seen him before! It would be a fun challange to paint a mannequins face like this. Jacqueline
  8. Hi Eric, I agree with you....painting is a lot of fun. Like you said, they get better the more you paint, practice is the key and if you don't like the result start over I'm looking forward to see the next one. Jacqueline
  9. Hi All, Time to put a new mannequin overhere, This is a hindsgaul, it's an older model...the onces I like the most to paint. The customer wanted to keep the original eyes, so I just did the requested paintwork. Jacqueline
  10. Hi Tierry, Your last mannequin is amazing, he has so much character in his face and I love his eyebrows! If you see them dressed they look even better! Your face is tough, but still soft in paintwork, I like it! Jacqueline
  11. Hi Erwin, Thank you for your compliments! That is why I make the before pictures, I forget how they look before if I'm in my paintwork and most people like the before and after pics. Jacqueline.
  12. Hi Guys, I am bussy on my painting projects, but here is a new one for you. On this mannequin I sculpted new ears so it looks more lifelike. On this head I did a repair, and repainted his head and eyes. Let me know what you think about it. Jacqueline
  13. Hi Thierry, First of all welcome to the forum and thank you. I feel honored by the fact that you have registered just to compliment me on my work. It nice to hear you see the feminine touch, I never looked at it like that but you're probably right. We can Always learn from eachother. And I'm glad to give you the same compliments to your work. I think it's great you show steps, for me it's impossible because I use so many colors and variations in colors for lifelike work. You are right, we all paint different. If we would put 10 custom painters together they all would have the
  14. Hi Thijs, I will try to post some more, thank you. Do you have mannequins? please don't forget to share them. I'm Always impressed by all your collections of uniforms, helmets etc Jacqueline
  15. Thank you Kevin! I've send you an e-mail about these heads
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