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  1. Herr Lars!! Danke, for editing my input. WE are having terrible, nation-wide weather here in the SW US - dreadful, HEAVY rain from El Paso, TX to Bangor, ME. Every time we get heavy rain like this, input to the internet system goes nutso.
  2. My Dad.... Jun 1950. Note 16th numbered armor insignia and 16th Inf DIs (BIG size). Unfortunately, my dad passed away in '99. No more good first hand info Re: "tank paint ups" - 26th Inf, 18 Inf and 16th Inf - all had the YELLOW 1 ID on upper front slope (OD patch blended in with OD hull color). Each Inf Regt had the Rgt DI painted below the 1ID patch, in full colors.
  3. Man, did I screw up that post. Sorry!! My message was...... this patch was for Tk Co, 18th Inf Regt, c Aug 1951. Let's try this again. In those years, my dad was the Tk Plat Ldr for 4th Plat, Tk Co, 16th Inf Regt. The attached pic of the Tank Crew was for the best drilled M-26 Tk Crew in the entire 1st Inf Div - if you look carefully - you will see the Tk Co 18th Inf Regt Tk Co/18th on the lower center of the M-26 front slope. The photo came from the attached 1 ID annual Photo history, dated Aug 1951.
  4. OR SOMETHING ELSE!! Tank Co, 18th Inf Regt c Aug 1951 At this time, my dad was 4th tk platoon ldr, tk co 16th Inf Regt. Note insignia front slope of the M-26 - this crew won "Best Drilled Tk Plat Crew in all of 1ID, Aug '51".
  5. My Bad.... it was 1957. The 1LT (to the right of the trophy) was the team CDR and was our next door neighbor. Can't remember his name.... 1957 was a long, LONG time ago.
  6. Yes. I'm scrambling to find documents, re: Le Clerc trophy. It was a NATO competition, and I vaguely remember my dad was an evaluator in '58. US, Brits, Norway, France, and the brand new German Heer participated. After the 2/36 Inf won the competition, you would have thought they had won WWII again.
  7. Some of you may remember COL Bill Dillingham, who was very active in ASMIC, for decades. In those years (1956ish), he served in the 11th Abn Div. One night over "a few beers" we got into a discussion over his soldiering in the 11th in Germany - he remarked it was THE best Abn unit he ever served in - said family life was non-existent - 110% hard corps soldering. They would come home from Graf - his wife was lucky if she could get his fatigues washed; then it was out to the field again for NATO field exercises. Ahhhh..... sweet memories of the old "brown shoe Army" I grew up in.
  8. And yes - that patch was made at what I refer to as "the patch place in Graf".
  9. The LeClerc Trophy was the annual NATO infantry rifle team competition in those years (very similar to NATO tank competion in later years). In 1958, the 36th Inf (Butzbach)/3 AD represented all US inf teams in USAREUR and won the overall competition. Somewhere, I've got some pix - must dig them out. Stand bye.......
  10. Hello, Chris. Sorry to take so long, to reply. I'm about to hit the Big 72, and it took a while to recall "stuff". If you go to my book WINGED SABERS (Chapter 7), you will find the info on Mini Cav. It referred to a smaller tactical operation within D Trp, 3/4 Cav (the air cav trp for the 25th ID). Rather than commit the entire assets of the troop (9 Cobras, 9 Loaches and 5 Hueys), it allowed most of the assets to be held in reserve, should things hit the fan. The Mini Cav usually consisted of 2 Loaches, 2 Snakes and a Lift Ship. Of the 500+ air cavalrymen I interviewded who served during
  11. No, we moved 3 times in my junior high years. Didn't make it to Leavenworth until 10th grade. These are the names of general officers, who participated in the LHS ROTC program: http://lhs52.blogspot.com/2007/01/leavenworth-high-to-honor-military.html
  12. Whoops! Not sure how that happened.
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