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    Near Antwerp - Belgium
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    US ETO 1944-1945.<br />Belgian resistance & collaboration.
  1. I love the 507PIR Scrapbook! Very nice collection!!
  2. I bought my 2 Piece HBT camo at WWII Impressions. Great quality!
  3. US M41 Light Tank "Walker Bulldog" Zutendaal, Belgium
  4. They look very nice, Steven! Thanks for sharing.
  5. My condolences to the friends and family of Captain Todd M. Siebert. May he rest in peace. Semper fi Jan Wouters Belgium
  6. Indeed , Very very nice movie ! Which music did you use ?.
  7. Hi All , During my trip to Folsom,California in April 2006 i had the chance to meet Glenn Schmidt , BAR-gunner and veteran of the 42nd 'Rainbow' Infantry Division. I was invited at his house and he told me everything about what he experienced during the war. Since he was a replacement he was only deployed in the winter of 1944. He got deployed in the Alsace near Hatten. It was there were he was taken POW and was transported to Bad Orb, one of the worst of the Nazi prisoner of war camps. You can read all about in on the following links : http://tankbooks.com/stories/helmet.htm Hatten
  8. Where was this gun used ? I never saw it before ...
  9. I know that Peter de Brabander (quartermaster.be) used to make/have them and i think they were good quality items. Unfortunatly he's making a new website and it's still not online. I'll let you know when you can contact him.
  10. This is how Patton thought a tanker-helmet should look like. It's made of a Rugby helmet and was never produced
  11. Nice movies ! Which soundtracks did you use , they sound familiar ...
  12. Is there any evidence of British Made M1928 Haversacks being used frequently in the ETO ?
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