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    US Navy specifically the Des Moines class heavy cruisers
  1. For any of you interested I noticed that the dvd of this movie is being released in stores in a month I think May 19th is the release date for stores.
  2. Thanks for all the good info and tell your brother thanks for his insight on this too. I'm going to order this book this weekend. It doesn't look like any of the sellers are offering the prime shipping but should get it within a week or so I'm guessing. I guess with the trip pushed back it will give me more time to research and I'm looking forward to reading these books before too, thanks again. Also, I'm trying to work in a stop at the Civil War museum in Harrisburg, I hope I have enough time for that.
  3. Thanks for the great info, I added all of these places to my list of places I want to stop in or see while there. It always helps so much having some idea about places instead of going around aimlessly especially with so much there. I think I was looking into the Gettysburgh Inn as a place to stay but that isn't set in stone yet. These other places recommended, the Farnsworth house and Sentimental Journey sound good too. If not this time maybe I can check into these ones if I get back there sometime. Is the Gettysburg Pub in walking distance from the Gettysburg Inn? How about the other p
  4. I just checked into the website, wow this place looks great. I was just looking through the inventory listing and there are some really intersting things for sale there. If anybody visits the site, the Inventory section seems to be higher priced items (there is a uniform for $65K plus other higher priced rarer items). The Whats New section seems to have items probably less rare but still interesting and cheaper prices. Thanks for the tip on this place.
  5. Eddy.502 do you remember the name of this shop and museum? Is it mostly all WW2 items in the museum?
  6. This looks like a great place, I think I've said it before but I wish I had more time there to see all of this. I found a website for this place http://www.farnsworthhouseinn.com and it has alot of information and looks really interesting. Is it possible to eat at the restaurant and bar without staying there?
  7. Excellent - the Lincoln Diner for breakfast it is then, can't go wrong with the same advice on a place from multiple people. Is it necessary to make reservations for any of these places? I'm guesing not for breakfast but maybe if going there for dinner?
  8. Thanks for the advice, I was looking into the Gettysburg Inn for staying overnight. How far was the Lincoln Diner from there? What did you like about it, good food, good atmosphere? I'll absolutely get up early to beat the crowds if that helps, I'd much rather look things over when calm and few people around than fighting the crowds and in the process missing most of the details. Thanks again.
  9. i just made a note of this place in my notebook here of places I want make sure and check out. Thanks for the tip. I was also planning on walking around town, I hope the weather cooperates with that plan.
  10. If goes as planned I'll have enough time to be there overnight and possible a couple days. The place I commented on in my previous post had an attraction that mentioned some kind of haunted walking tour. I'll have to check that out, it looks interesting. I just searched for Ghosts of Gettysburg on Amazon and a got a ton of results, I think there were 20 pages of books! I have some time now before going so will check into these. Did your brother read all of the books in the series? Do you know if he had any favorites in the series in case I don't have time to read them all?
  11. I had watched a couple shows about Gettysburg and the Civil War but never thought to look on youtube to see some of the places but that make sense. I'll have to search around and see what I can find.
  12. Thanks for the info about this place. I did some research and found the website for it. It looks like they have 4 attractions, the diorama, ghost lab, haunted walking tour, and Lincoln train museaum. The price is listed at $7 each but $1 for AAA members and there are discounted rates if you purchase for multiple attractions. I'll definately have to check this place out.
  13. Wow I haven't been on the site for a week or so, things have been really busy, I see there are a lot of new posts and I appreciate all of your replies, I'm going to read through them one by one and I'll respond, thanks for all of the great info. The trip was supposed to be soon but now looks like it will be pushed back until this coming fall. Thanks again for all your responses.
  14. I looked at the map and it looks like a lot of places in that area. I'll have to keep an eye out for this place. Thanks for letting me know about it.
  15. Wow that's a great photo album, there's so much to look at there, thanks for sharing.
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