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  1. Nice knife and sheath
  2. That's a Beautiful looking screw top knife and sheath
  3. Ya that's how it starts with just one that's what happened to me now 30 different M3's later and still looking for one I don't have
  4. Nice I have 3 with the tag still attached love them thanks for posting always like to look at what other collectors have
  5. Outstanding collection thanks for posting
  6. Nice really like the double marked one I have been looking for one of them
  7. Beautiful collection never seen that many at one time before thanks for sharing
  8. Very nice and a great pick up I have 3 that still have the care tag attached and I think they are my favorite
  9. Great set love the Ka-Bars
  10. Thank you for all the information
  11. They both have No with a dot under the small o
  12. I'm a knife guy and was wondering if these have any value or would be good for trading Thanks
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