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Alfred Kroulik

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    United Spanish War Veterans. Military Order Of The Serpent.
  1. I have been colleting USWV badges for some time now and I am just branching into the MOS items. You mention a book on the subject by George Kane. Do you know how I can contact him or where I could find a copy of the book. I will be eternally grateful.
  2. If this is still available, Please let me know. I have one that is in awful condition and would like to have an intact example.
  3. I am basing (in part) this on a "Ritials" book of the Spanish War Veterans dated 1902 (before the groups unified) that depicts the membership medal (with no "United" ) on the title page, A similar issue of the United Spanish War Veterans Ritual book dated 1907 shows the medal with "United" present. It is indeed curious that United appears on the reverse of the early medals. I am wondering if existing stocks of the "no United" bars were used with the post 1904 crosses. It would be interesting to see if anyone has a "no United reverse.
  4. Just a bit of information on the "no united" suspension bar. Prior to 1904, there were 3 main Spanish American War veterans organizations. 1. Spanish War Veterans 2.Spanish American War Veterans 3. Servicemen of the Spanish War These 3 organizations joined in 1903-04 to form the United Spanish War Veterans. The membership badge of the Spanish War Veterans is the "no united" version suspension bar. (so they would date prior to 1904 or earlier) . Those "with united" are the first version of the newly created United Spanish War Veterans. (dating to 1904 or later) This type b
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