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  1. Enjoyed the Old North State Militaria Show!

  2. So I came across this neat little book not long ago, but in my opninion what makes it extra cool is the fact that it is stamped "1st Recruit Training Battalion, Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island SC! I assume most likely these were used to train Marine recruits during the early/mid stages of WW2 when Springfields were still being issued as training rifles. Opinions are welcome.
  3. It has been a while since I posted any pictures on the forum and I completely forgot about image hosting links. I apologize. Here are the re-sized images for your viewing pleasure.
  4. So, the cap has an unmarked eagle, that appears to be "laquered". It also has the faint remnants of what appears to be a name, address and unit inscribed inside of the sweat band. It is a shame I cannot read it! Anybody knows of a solution to that problem? I have heard black light helps read faint ink. Also, the eagle buttons on the side are fixed with two bent pins, instead of screw-ons like later models. Pictures! Sorry about the sandwich bag box
  5. Thanks for the info!! I will post some pictures in the morning to aid in further id of the time period.
  6. Anybody has any information on this maker? Ww2 era private purchase perhaps?
  7. Great show as always! Got to pick up several nice items. Very pleased. Also met a lot of fellow Marines in there.
  8. Came across this great piece of WW1 history the other day in a local antique shop. Cover and pages have yellowed with time but everything is legible and nice. Book is complete with several period photos and illustrations. It also features a classic selection of songs and military music, including "Reveille", never imagined that song had such funny lyrics. Anyways, without further due, here are some pictures:
  9. Hello! So I pulled this helmet out of the closet the other day, since I have not done anything or even looked closely at it since I bought it. Turned out to be a WW2 front seam swivel bail shell that has been repainted at some point with a replacement liner, chinstrap and helmet cover along with the elastic band that holds the cover in place. Pretty neat helmet, maybe 80's by the look of the straps and the liner. Can anybody identify around what era the replacement parts are? I am thinking of selling it to upgrade to a correct WW2 era one but I would like to know what I have first so
  10. I only have one negative comment about the show, and it is more vendor related than anything else. On the next one, German militaria collectors should be cautious with one vendor selling fake war badges and other insignia as originals. I am aware that the German collectible hobby is pretty much a "Minefield", like Tarbridge once told me, but it was pretty obvious to me that the dealer knew what he had was not the real deal. It is disappointing that we have dishonest vendors in the show. A mistake can be made by everyone, but knowingly selling fake stuff is not acceptable. Mods, if this
  11. I enjoyed the show very much. Picked a few cool items too!
  12. I will be there tomorrow morning. I will be wearing the USMF Tshirt, feel free to stop me and say hi!
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