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  1. Great stuff. Perseverance pays off.
  2. You could also check out Pointe du Hoc. Pegasus Bridge is well worth a visit as everforward suggested. There's a very nice airborne museum there.
  3. Can anyone identify the DUI below? It's taken from a photo dated around 1937. Any info is appreciated. Thanks.
  4. DFC to SSGT Edward Pawlicki. He was a ball turret gunner in the 562nd Bomb Squadron, 388th Bomb group, 8th AF. He did the 25 missions from July 1943 to December 1943 including the Schweinfurt-Regensburg mission (Regensburg).
  5. Someone may correct me, but I think the rescue of men from the Squalus earned some of the rescuers the MOH. I think that was pre-1940.
  6. You can find more on the 388th Bomb group at the site below. http://388bg.info/
  7. Thanks Rob, that gives me a better picture of the background associated with the jacket. I'll display it as is. Thanks again.
  8. Thanks everyone for the information. The vet's name was Stephen H. Tanner. From the documentation I have, he was a Sgt in the 23rd Inf regt. There is a letter dated July, 1954 awarding the Bronze Star and CIB for actions in 1944. There is also an award document for the Purple Heart dated July, 1954 for wounds received 18 Dec 1944. There is also documentation of Service in Korea. The other shoulder has a 2nd Infantry Division patch which I assumed the Fourragere was associated. I've attached the WW2 documentation to this reply and the Korea documentation in the next.
  9. Greetings all, A some years ago I picked up a father & son grouping at the SOS in Louisville. The grouping contained the father's British medals (Boer War, WW1) and the son's US medals (WW2, Korea) and Ike jacket. Post WW1 the father emigrated to Canada then to the United States. I have some questions concerning the Eisenhower Jacket. First, the corporal stripes on the Jacket seem a bit on the small side, not what I would expect. Are they correct? Second, there is evidence of something pined to the lower lapels. There is documentation the he was in the 536th Engineer Maintenance Co in Korea. Is it possible that the lower lapels had the dui for the 536th Engineer Maintenance Co? And Third, there is also evidence of another ribbon to the left of the Presidential Unit Citation. Included with the extras was a Republic Of Korea Presidential Unit Citation. Would this ribbon have gone next to the Presidential Unit Citation? I've been slowly getting into collecting US Militaria and not familiar with the different aspects of US uniforms. Any help is welcomed. Thanks.
  10. Check out Thunder at Hampton Roads by A.A. Hoehling. It covers the development of the Monitor and the battle with the Virginia (Merrimac). It also covers the sinking of the Monitor off Cape Hatteras. Good Read.
  11. This ribbon bar was included in a grouping I recently purchased at SOS. I've check the references I have and online, but can't identify them. Any ideas? Thanks. Mike
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