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  1. I recently grabbed this helmet from an online seller in PA. The shell is a McCord FS FB with heat stamp 687D (October 43), original factory paint, texture and OD3 Chinstrap. The liner is a Westinghouse. The service man’s last name and initials are stenciled on the front and back of the shell, which is fairly common practice on Navy lids. I looked him up on Fold3, and this sailor only appears in a couple Navy muster rolls entries. Both entries are from LST-294 sailing passenger lists. The first entry is dated March, 25th 1944 and has 'Beach Battalion' l
  2. This was a fairly common practice within the 42nd Infantry Division. The photographs below are taken from the 232nd Infantry Regiment yearbook. Most pictures date from the summer of 1944 while the regiment was stationed in Oklahoma. The 42nd Infantry Division arrived in France in December 1944 and fought in Eastern France and Germany.
  3. Most WWII-era silver painted liners I've encountered were from AAF gunnery schools. I read somewhere (but can't remember where) that these silver liner were painted when gunners graduated from basic training and were able to move up to turret training. The liner below was issued with the factory OD, then painted bright yellow, and later painted silver.
  4. That's a beauty! I wonder if it could be related to the 6th and 12th Army Groups "T" Force (Headquarters Detachment Intelligence Assault Force).
  5. Nice grouping! and thanks for this info. I have been looking for a copy of Robert E. Perdue Jr's book 'OSS Behind the Lines in Greece' for a while now. I will be ordering a copy of ATB #186. I am not familiar with this publication, are they readily available in the US or should they be ordered through a specific distributor?
  6. Here's one of my favorite. I didn't save the caption unfortunately, but if memory serves, this photograph was taken in Italy in May 1944, minutes after their tank was destroyed.
  7. Your jacket is a men's jacket. Men's jackets always have buttons on the wearer's right side (button left over right), and women's jacket have buttons on the wearer's left side (button right over left).
  8. This color reminds me of the British-made beanie caps posted back in 2016 in the link below.. Post #21 by French forum member Norwegian Blue indicates that ETO jackets were dyed with the same brownish color for Post-war surplus market. Link to 2016 post: http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/275874-ww2-british-made-wool-knit-caps-in-red/
  9. Yep, this is definitely the work of Mr. Jingol aka Mr. Ciak aka Dott.Hide aka Gotic-Line. Looks like the Vierville44 account was also used for shill bidding on items listed under his other accounts judging by the feedbacks:
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