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    This is a pitcher of my dad when he was on the front line in Korea as a combat medic.
    medal groupings, patches, uniform groupings
  1. I like that you can see his ivory hand gun in several of the pitchers. Great looking.
  2. There are allot of items at the show, but don't forget about the veterans in the back. The vets have some good stories to tell and they appreciate the visitors. Have good luck and enjoy yourselves, because before you know it the show will be over.
  3. This was a great display, it went well with all the rest of the displays that were in the hanger. The festival was a great time, and thanks for your contribution to the festival.
  4. This is a great grouping! Thanks for sharing it!
  5. Wounderfully displayed colection, not to many have such a good collection, and thanks for sharing.
  6. Nice group, seen it that same day at the sos. The patch and the picture are what drew me to take a closer look at the group, great pick up. 0
  7. Thanks for posting this group! I saw this group at the SOS and I hoped to see it here.
  8. Thanks for posting the keys! Never seen keys for keel laying or launching.
  9. Great grouping! Thank you for bringing it back to the top.
  10. Great tribute to those that fought on December 7 at Pearl Harbor! Thanks for sharing you groupings!!!
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