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  1. Thanks Salvage Sailor. Don't get on here much, but a lot of good information. The patch you posted is an obsolete one from EOD Group Pacific that was headquartered at West Loch, Pearl Harbor. When it moved to San Diego it changed the name to EOD Group One and the patch was dropped.
  2. WWII era Lordstown Ordnance Plant in Northeastern Ohio.
  3. I am just finding this series of postings and find them of great interest. I am the historian of the National EOD Association and a collector of bomb disposal and EOD items from all periods. I have ten different uniform items from WWII and forward along with over 2,200 different worldwide EOD patches and badges and 43 plastic egg hanging file crates filled with BD/EOD historical data, WWII student notebooks, manuals, photographs, official documents, unit histories, etc.Would appreciate it if jasonm and mathias11 would come back on so I could establish some communications with them.
  4. Theoretically it is possible, practically it isn't. Lot numbers are used to identify ammunition with the same manufacturing techniques and components. When a component is changed, so is the lot number. Lot numbers are used when ammo is transferred from place to place and then to a unit. This is done so that if there is an accident,theft, etc. they can identify the source. They can then restrict further issue of the ammo in the case of an accident until they sort out the problem. IF, and that is a big if, all of the paperwork was present you could trace a lot from production to expenditur
  5. From what I can see the black powder charge is still present. The small circular spot in the center of the base of the fuze is still varnished over. This is where the flame spitting from the fuze would exit into the charge that would function the round. If the fuze has functioned this hole would be empty and blackened. A vast majority of the M1907's still have the black powder charge in the time rings, etc.
  6. Just signed up and found this. I collect EOD patches and badges, The round patch with the Master EOD badge is not US Air Force. It is an unofficial patch for the US Navy Mobile Unit #2 (EOD) based out of the Naval Amphibious Base, Little Creek, Virginia. This was made for wear on civilian clothing, not for uniform wear.
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