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    Looking for WW2 USMC items
  1. Yes, keep the pictures coming, I love it! Such great displays!
  2. Great idea for showing them off! Nice lime green color
  3. My Lord that is awesome! My jaw fully dropped!
  4. That is a neat way of showing them off! Thanks for sharing!
  5. Here is how I have a few of my canteens displayed now for reference, a few cups and canteens are "hidden" behind others
  6. I am slowly getting more and more canteens and finding that my small display cabinet is running out of room to show them all off in! Does anyone have any suggestions for displaying 15+ canteens that doesn't look too cluttered? I would love to see how everyone displays their canteens to give me ideas on how to properly show mine off! Thanks!
  7. Iv'e heard that P2 canteen cover surplus were retrofitted with a drain hole on the bottom and were un-officially labeled the 5th pattern. Is this true? Does anyone have any pictures of examples? Thanks!
  8. Thank you everyone! Do these bags have any worth?
  9. do not have a tape around so here it is next to a canteen for scale. Thank you for reminding me
  10. does anyone know that this bag was used for? and what the E stands for?
  11. Can anyone tell me what these markings mean? Both are WW1 era items. Thanks
  12. Great find! Do you know if Nowak was the name of the vet?
  13. Been a long time since we posted on here! I am now right at the edge of the age limit!! Really would like to see your USMC display!!
  14. Recently found a cross flap canteen cover with a faded black number on the back. C-205. can anyone tell me if that is a certain unit identification? I know half circle is 4th and rectangle is 5th but unsure when it is a letter before number! Thanks, Steve
  15. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/281792-rare-world-war-two-era-newspaper-nazis-quit/ here
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