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  1. If anyone is interested, I created a Fold3 page for him. https://www.fold3.com/page/653601640-theodore-chojnicki-jr
  2. I was able to pull the following info from his discharge. I would appreciate it if anyone wants to give input on his service and I will include it on the memorial that I'm making for him on Fold3. Decorations and Citations: Purple Heart & Oak Leaf Cluster GC 19 Hq 303 Sta Hosp 44 Distinguished Unit Badge GO 26 Hq FUSA 44 Bronze Service Arrowhead American Campaign Medal European African Middle Eastern Campaign Medal World War II Victory Medal Military Occupational Specialty and No: Squad Leader 745 Battles and Campaigns: Normand GO 33 WD 45 Rhineland GO 40 WD 45 Nort
  3. I read his medical paper on Ancestry... he was shot in the arm in his first injury, then for the second he got shrapnel from an artillery shell in his foot and arm. I found this news clipping too.
  4. Found this in a stack of papers at a thrift store.
  5. I posted the first telegraphs earlier, and went back to the shop where I had found them and was able to find more things related to this soldier. Includes news clippings, telegrams, his photo, a letter explaining his injury and his discharge documents. I looked more in to the man himself, and found out that he never married or had children, so I will try to keep his honor going.
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