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  1. I hope I can find out which battles he took part in. I also thought maybe it was a cursive I before P. Writing in capt could be possible. Would explain the period after it.
  2. I was told the stars represented whenever he was mentioned in a dispatch. That true?
  3. I forgot to point out that there are captain's bars on the shoulders.
  4. Im still trying to make out his name on the tag inside the uniform. All I can read so far is P. Gardner. Can anyone make out anymore? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  5. Hello all. I have recently acquired a ww1 us aviators uniform. I was wondering if anyone can help me id the shoulder patch and name. Is it just a generic patch for being a part of the Air Service or does it represent 1st Aero Squadron? There are Mexican Border Service ribbons on the uniform so maybe he served with the 1st Aero and just went with them overseas but I'm still learning about all the history of that time.
  6. Nice! Thank you. I couldn't remember their name or I would have checked there.
  7. I just acquired an a9 and it doesn't have the juliet strap, unfortunately. Are they hard to find? I haven't had much luck so far looking on eBay or Google. Thanks for any help!
  8. Ok then. Thanks for the info and honesty everyone.
  9. Sure is, thank you! Appreciate the info. Does anyone know if it's possible for me to find out who owned this using the ribbons? There's no writing anywhere and the person I bought it from had no idea. I thought maybe I could narrow using the presidential citations.
  10. Perfect, thank you! And that's the Presidential Unit Citation under the RAF wings? Also, what do the oak leaves and stars pinned on the ribbons themselves represent?
  11. Hello all. I just acquired this ww2 former eagle squadron tunic and I wanted to try and identify the ribbons on it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The one below the us pilot wings on the far bottom right is deep purple and white. Thank you.
  12. SmarT

    Brown boot polish

    Very helpful, thank you sir.
  13. SmarT

    Brown boot polish

    Can I just pick up a can of brown polish at the store and it will be an ok shade?
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