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  1. Yep, the hat is lined with something that feels like a mixture of bulap and strow when you rub with your fingers. It gives a crackling noise by doing so. So it feels like a natural material is used for lining between TS and black material in the crown body.
  2. Hi gentlemen, Here s a nice example of a reversible tiger stripe / black boonie hat in almost unused condition.
  3. Thank you Ryan, yes, that s what J Hardy stated or researched and what I could independently reseach by the confirmation of the veteran. So what I summarize so far in regard to the markmanship of all three embroideries is that there must have been a taylor shop or similar where such designs were made in this manner.
  4. Here's a collection of one of a kind (but 3) named SOG berets with almost idenical embroidery designs from the later Vietnam period. All made from the same worksmanship and all made in 1970-1971. All three have a bombburst design different in name and the way the name is sewn inside. The detailed view of all 3 is really fascinating. One beret is named to a LT who was part of CCC and TF2AE and it s documented by J. Hardy's website specialforceshistory.com. The other two examples are named to one veteran I had the chance to get in contact with and call him two times. He didnt talk much a
  5. Thank you all for the input
  6. Here s a Macv Sog patch i ve never seen before. It looks very similar to the US made non period ones (with yellow merrowed edge) that can be seen more often. This example is red bordered cut edge with very few detail in my opinion. Anyway I personally have never seen such example before. Any thought s about period and country where this patch could have been made? Thank you very much in advance.
  7. Yep that s good...my small zippers are all 555 and the main zipper is CNS branded (never seen such brand before)
  8. Hi all, here s a SOG 1-0 vest I have in my collection.
  9. Ok thank you very much for your inputs. It s not theatre made instead it s US made
  10. Hi there, What are your thoughts on the AIRBORNE tab used by SF or SOG members in the later part of the Vietnam war. Real or not real. Thank you very much in advance
  11. Lol...thank you Bob. Just thought something was strange and wrong here
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