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  1. I do apologise. I was posting under the 'what' heading as I'm not an expert on Ns Meyer hallmarks. I just didn't want, in my collection, reproduction insignia and as we all know repros are hard to distinguish from without the knowledge of you guys on here. Thank you for the info regarding 50's to 60's insignia, much appreciated, it has certainly helped with 'what'. Regards Tony
  2. Hi all, Just wondered if I could have your opinions on these? Regards Tony
  3. Hi all, Just wondered if I could have your opinions on this brassard? I'm struggling to find information on maker marks. Any help would be much appreciated. Regards Tony
  4. Thank you very much indeed! Regards Tony
  5. Thanks for the info, Couple more questions if you'd be kind enough, I'm looking at purchasing an A1 and would like to eventually have the Unertl scope for the top. Firstly, I know relatively little about rifles and would be buying a deactivated one (in the UK). How hard are they to mount? Secondly, on the war time dated Unertl scopes, are the only ones which were used in the war the ones with 'usmc sniper'? Or can you get 'standard' ones which would also have been used? Sorry for the lack of knowledge/terminology used Regards Tony
  6. Thanks for the info! Regards Tony
  7. Hi all, I was just wondering if the M1903A3 variant could/would have also accepted the 8x Unertl scope? I've seen pictures of the M1903A1 with the scope attached but not the A3. Thank you Tony
  8. Hi all, I'm trying to find out some more info on the use of the model 10-A. Does anybody know if this was used by front line troops at all? All I can find out is that they were used to train ariel gunners?! Any help on understanding when, where, who used this shotgun would be greatly appreciated! Regards Tony
  9. Thank you all for information! The wax sounds like a good idea to keep it preserved. Regards Tony
  10. Hi all, I'm very new to civil war items and really don't want to get stung with a copy. I've tried doing some research but I'm struggling. Any help in identifying if this sword is genuine would be hugely appreciated! Here's the pictures: Thank you in advance Tony
  11. Thanks guys, I'll give these a miss then, they were considerably cheaper than the stamped and dated ones but would always prefer them to be ww2 era. Regards Tony
  12. Hi all, Just wondered if anyone could tell if these are war time suspenders and belt? Not really bothered about the mag pouch it's the rest I'd be buying it for. Any help would be much appreciated! Regards Tony
  13. mr-tone

    Thompson set up

    On another note regarding a Thompson set up... Would it be accurate to just have going over the M41 jacket: suspenders attached to a pistol belt with canteen and mag pouch. Instead of having the full haversack? Would just this have been worn in combat or would the haversack always have been worn? Thanks
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