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  1. Looking for some W.W.II type OD/green Colored HBT type fabric as well as early Vietnam era Cotton OD green and later Ripstop OD/green uniform material. Any supplier of Reproduction or vintage. I need a couple of yards of each type. Not sure if this is a appropriate spot to post this topic. Thank you in advance. Daggerman
  2. A friend is heading to Gettysburg for a few days vacation. I have not been in a while. Any specific shops or museums to visit besides the normal spots. I know he plans to head Gettysburg Museum of History store. Any other shops or spots he should hit in the area. Thank you in advance. Daggerman
  3. Thin natural cork sheet material is good, it keeps things from sliding, looks decent and has no products that would harm the collector gear. Its what they used to line tool box draws with years ago. I have a Snap on tool box thats 50 years old and it has the factory cork liners in there now and since it was purchsased new.
  4. Looks good from the views you have posted. The new made repros are firearms also only they are maker marked and have a serial # on the trigger guard and that is required by law. The guns are crude but really slick. Nice looking pistol if it un-numbered original.
  5. We have a W.W.II British 2LB anti tank gun we are refinishing and looking for authentic looking Tan color. German WWII Africa Corps vehicle paint is close in color but so far i have only found it in a catalyst type paint product. Can anyone steer me who might we try for these paints. Looking for a gallon. Thank you Daggerman
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