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  1. I've seen the flag personally it looked very cool !
  2. I will buy a new one if i ever see one in a store so more are coming.
  3. Thanks yes a revell kit. Only 3 colors in it Green,Olive Green and silver. Its also the 1st model i've ever made in my life.
  4. The look of plastic is gone it looks like real steel now.
  5. Here a while after fixing the edges on the nose and placing the decals. End result
  6. I painted the nose exactly how it looked like on the front of the box.
  7. I was bored today so i decided to buy a 1:72 P51 package. Im really suprised how realistic it looks at the end didnt expect this. I painted the pilot first after this I glued the seat, pilot, gear together.
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