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  1. I think I got the patches and chevron from you too, didn't I?
  2. Here's a closer picture of the detail. All the pictures, patches and brass were inset into velvet covered high density 1/4" foam. The brass piece was machined by a company that makes embossing dies for printing. It was beautiful but hard to read (no contrast). Someone gave me an idea for painting the low machined areas. Carefully roll grease over the high parts only and spay paint. Wait for it to dry and wipe off the grease. It was nerve racking, did not know if it would work.
  3. I finished my dad's medal shadow box. I can't begin to tell anyone the crazy things I did on this. This is not a traditional military shadow box, it is more of a tribute. He was called on to be a tail gunner in a B-24 and he survived 50 missions over Germany and the Ploesti Oil feilds in Romania. I never saw fear in him ever (probably because fear was scared out of him in WWII). A lot of people on this forum helped me find items for this trubute and I thank them all (patches, chevron). Raymond Beauvais 15th Air Force 455th Bombadier group 741st Squadron The Vulgar Vultures
  4. Yes, that's it. Presidential Unit Citation, thanks. Now how would someone display that? Basically I was not going to display the ribbons clustered like you see on a uniformm, I was going to have the ribbon directly above the medal. I'm too far into this to change the design.
  5. I have been working on a WWII military shadow box and this animal is coming alive. I'll explain the details later because this is really a project. I need an experts help though. My dad was a tail gunner on a B-24 stationed in Italy. His targets were Southern Germany to the Ploesti Oil Fields. Before he passed I had his diary printed for the family. Nobody could remember what happened to his medals. I had the Army send them to me as stated on his discharge papers. I was so excited to get them I opened all the boxes immediately and I believe I have some parts mixed up. Both the Air Medal and the DFC have 3 like pieces with medal, ribbon and lapel pin but I have a 4th ribbon like piece. It's mostly a solid blue and I think it goes with the DFC but I had it with the Air Medal. Could someone help and maybe show me the proper way to display these medals in a shadow box. Project I have a gold frame, the box was made with 3/4" solid wood painted black and the backer is 1/2" homisite. I have a burial flag at the bottom surrounded with 3/4" wood covered with a shiny gold adhesive foil. I then covered the rest of the backer with 1/4" high density foam but cut out and rounded the foam to inset 3 picture of him, his squadron patch, 15th AF patch, chevron and generic AF patch. I then covered the foam with dark blue velvet. The items I inset were framed with 14 gauge gold colored aluminum. I had a 1/4" 1" x 10" piece of brass machined to elevate his name and border then painted the relief matte black. The 6 medal grouping are cascading down each side of the flag's upside down "V" shaped gold border. Like I said this thing has a life of it's own I want to present it to my oldest sibling.
  6. I can't help much with the Army Units but I would assume they came from Selfrige Air Force Base. When I was young I lived in the next suburb South of Detroit and had a paper route that went to Outer Drive. Outer Drive is as it sounds, it circles the outer edge of Detroit. Although the riots were centered on 12th street 10 miles away from Lincoln Park, I remember 2 Jeeps on the corner of Outer Drive and Fort Street and both had twin machine guns mounted on the back.
  7. Kastauffer, My dad was in the 455th, 741st squad. This would have been a different squad because around this date my dad was on a mission over Genoa. The next one he may have been on because he was over Ploesti oil fields (which about every 3rd mission was Ploesti). My dad's diary from WWII tells of ships going down and the fact he knew some of the guys on those ship. Very interesting stuff you posted.
  8. Hello all, Looking to build a display of my dad's medals. WWII, Italy based bombardment (15th air force, 455th bomb group, 741st squad). I would like to use authentic patches and staff sergeant chevron. The squadron patch is more likely wishful thinking. Doug Beau
  9. Thanks a lot old marine. I knew I would get help here.
  10. Hello All, New to this site. Not a dealer, researching. My dad was a tail gunner in a B-24 based in Italy from 43 to 45. 455th Bomb group, 741st Squadron. His medals were lost long ago and I contacted a veteran's agency to get them. I have his discharge papers and have a list of medals. I'm making a display for them and I want to include a 15th AF Patch, Squadron patch (Vulgar Vultures) and his staff sergeant's chevron. I have 3 chevrons that show up as potentially authentic so I need help from experts to determine the correct one. I'm hesitant to use one that was designated as air force because there really was no air force in 1943. I want everything period accurate. Other than the chevron question I would appreciate leads to real patches listed above. Thanks for any help Doug
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