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  1. Bought alot of items from you guys, and have had 0 problems over the years. Look foward to doing more business!
  2. The hump in the middle is from it being folded and loosely laid out.
  3. Saw this one on the WAF, its a original one.
  4. 1st looks like a possible Paki repro. Second is the 37th ID
  5. All you have to do is flip it around to the stem facing the sleeve, someone put it on there not knowing how its placement was.
  6. Wicked British Made patch!!! Those pickers can pull out the best items sometimes!!
  7. That is a kick rear patch! Makes you wonder how many of these existed?!
  8. Agree with Rob, looks like a plain jane navy chincup...
  9. Ive dealt with Tony on Overlord Military, and can tell you those are real stars. Guranteed
  10. Looks like a felt 14th aaf with bullion applied to it. Reminds me of the Gemsco Bullion.
  11. Good ole Bill!! I set up right next to him at a couple of shows for going on 20+ years. Great guy!
  12. It resembles the Bell pattern from the front. Of course the back looks nothing like that.
  13. Very cool piece! Do the cameras work??
  14. Always love finding complete footlocker groupings!!
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