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  1. Some great tips, Thanks Guy's! Sarge your photo's of the Model 1872 Artillery Officer's Saber solved the "What Is It" identity dilemma I have had over a sword that has hung at our Legion Post for ages. Odd that it is so plain in look being an Officers. My Grandfather was in a unique position at "West Point" where he collected or was sent 'Bladed Weapons' by former Cadets during their Army Careers. I now have the time to try and make sense of them along with the bayonets. My early interest in them was brought to a "Screeching Halt" at about the age of 5 when I was caught 'dueling' with the Family Couch. "No more Sword Barrel for you Mister." A 'tip' I discovered when presented with a CW Naval Officers Sword with the leather scabbard in two pieces was that "Super Glue" didn't work. Not on the first try anyways, but what it did do was soak into the old leather, harden and later when I tried the glue again and it bonded as good as any Weld. There was a bulge on one side that with a sharp knife I all but removed and colored the plain leather with a black Sharpie (rubbing as with stain). I left the small imperfection so as not to deceive because the bond was seamless.
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