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  1. I have a black helmet with a first class crow painted on the front. It is very faint but you can see it. I also have seen pictures of helmets stored in the berthing area during WW2 which makes sense. They wouldn't be destroyed by the salt air as fast. Also they are easy to find if GQ is called while you are sleeping.
  2. I payed around 500.00 for my smatchet and sheath a couple of years ago. Don't see a lot of them for sale.
  3. I have the same knife. The blade on mine is more like a butcher knife but has the exact same cross guard. I thought a GI made the cross guard for the knife.
  4. I picked up one of these M-5 leather sheaths the other day. I thought it was a fantasy piece too. It came with a WW2 Case knife. I just wanted the knife. I may put it up on the trade forum. Rick
  5. Really liked the book. Just love knuckle knives. Rick
  6. Crossguard looks like it is thicker in the one the Marine has in his sheath.
  7. I tried to order the back issue of the Knife World article on the Stone Knives. So far no luck the electronic version is not listed in the site. Sent an email to them but didn't hear anything back.
  8. Never have seen one. I do own a lot of home front made knives. Theater knives too. But there are a lot out there. I will keep a look out for any information.
  9. I have one with a matching swagger stick. Both have the Captains rank and name on them in gold letters. Mine is more of a sword. I also have a few medals his selective service medal and his pistol and rifle qualification medals. I picked them up for 185.00.
  10. I have the same sword. It is a USN version. I did a lot of research on it after I purchased it. Common to have on the ships back then. I have a picture somewhere of a couple of Marines with one.
  11. groserm

    WWII ?

    It doesn't look like a Barteaux to me. Looks more like a newer copy of smaller Murphy Combat Jr and Barteaux. Not an exact copy just similar characteristics. Rick
  12. Nice. Thanks TallyHo for the info about the handle. I always wondered where they got that type of material from.
  13. I have a picture of a army vet think he was airborne and he was holding up the armband he wore on D-Day. It was the usual oilcloth version. The picture was from a local newspaper. I just bought another with sewn edges around it. It has writing on the back that is barely legible but it says worn when we took Casablanca and a date of Nov 18th 1942. Here is a web site with some information. https://www.paratrooper.be/articles/invasion-arm-flags/
  14. Yeah that would do the job for sure. The British used a bill-hook during WW1. I have a hospital bolo some marine sharpened like a razor. I acquired it with his hat and dog tags. That thing would lop your head right off.
  15. I had a guy recently ask for a Buy Now price. I declined so he placed a bid. He was then outbid. Then another bidder placed a bid and won the auction. The buyer didnt pay. When I contacted the person they responded with some crazy talk about buying cleaner for 2.70 not knives for 270. I checked the account and it had been around for three years without a purchase. I notified Ebay. I imagine it was the first bidder sabotaging the sale. I ended up making more the next time it sold so he did me a favor.
  16. Wow that is something. I just want one.
  17. Love those huge hand made knives.
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