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    Airborne and combat medic related; 82nd & 2nd ID; 319th, 509th, 1st Infantry; Documents pertaining to CMBs, CIBs, medics, combatives, edged weapons, physical fitness, marksmanship badges etc
  1. https://www.armyproperty.com/categories/8405/LINER,WET%20WEATHER%20P Funny I was just wondering that myself. I've only personally seen 5 of the six from this list. I've heard about the OCP ones as well, but believe they were all in reference to the tech mfg junk. On a related note I've had one of the hoodie woobies for about a year now from Buffalo to Baghdad, and its well worth the money.
  2. This is why I stay far away from helmets. Because of the amount of fakes and misrepresentations, I don't even bother trying to learn much about the history. A little information is a dangerous thing. Somewhat ironic considering my avatar.
  3. After reading the 1940 report, were the M2 handles then changed to stag or did they keep the "imitation buckhorn?"
  4. I also have the Minuteman lapel. I don't suppose any of those were put on your DD214? I've heard of a couple guys that have had one included in Awards (certainly not most )
  5. Nope. I definitely mean what I wrote. I've italicized the Army Lapel Button part and put the Active Reserve Lapel Button in bold. They are two different lapel buttons. Code of Federal Regulations Title 32 - National Defense. Subtitle A - Department of Defense (Continued). CHAPTER V - DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY. SUBCHAPTER F - PERSONNEL. PART 578 - DECORATIONS, MEDALS, RIBBONS, AND SIMILAR DEVICES. - General. § 578.63 Lapel buttons. (a) Lapel buttons are miniature replicas of military decorations; service medals and ribbons; and identification badges. Lapel buttons are wor
  6. That's not it. You have shown the Army Lapel Button Title 32 Section 578.63 (g) Army Lapel Button. The Army Lapel Button is a gratuitous issue item made up of a minute man in gold color on a red enamel disk surrounded by 16-pointed gold rays with an outside diameter of 9/16-inch. Eligibility requirements are as follows: (1) Soldiers transitioning with an honorable characterization of service (those being transferred to another component for completion of a military service obligation, and those receiving an Honorable Discharge Certificate). (2) Non-adverse separation provision.
  7. Does anyone have an example? I've been trying to hunt one down, yet I've never even seen a picture despite my google-fu Title 32 Section 578.63 (i) Active Reserve Lapel Button. The Active Reserve Lapel Button is authorized for active membership in the Ready Reserve of the Army. It is made up of a minute man in gold color on a bronze color base and is 11/16-inch in length. The button is an optional purchase item, not issued or sold by the Department of the Army. It is not worn on the uniform.
  8. Very cool. Did you use melted silver coins for these as well?
  9. Same here. Outstanding! Congrats
  10. One option I like is too have them framed. This frame was included with a commermorative FS set that I commandeered. The blades slide securely into a metal holders that are bolted through the frame. I spent $2 at a black foam at an arts and crafts store (that keeps them a bit snug too) to protect the edge. I'm sure you could have some wood L pegs or something made to hold up those brass handles.
  11. Very cool. Thanks for sharing
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