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  1. We had well over a 100 members family and friends attend the Veterans Day event at the post so limited on space I limited the number of theater made patches I put on display. In attendance was a member of Merrills Marauders, Korean War 2nd ID soldier, Vietnam and members of the armed forces who have served in military operations since the early 1980s.
  2. A small display set up at one of our local VFWs for Veterans Day.
  3. Don't know why they posted sideway...
  4. I would first start out by saying I don’t consider myself an advance collector but I find the three books noted in this thread are some of best reference books around. What the authors have done for the patch collecting community is what has been needed for a long time they have taken the time to research, photograph and validate the patches and other item in their books unlike so many of the other books out their that are riddled with known fakes. If going by the standard set by patchcollector the question I would ask is what book does he/she use when researching say a WWI 2nd Div. 1st B
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