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    I collect WWII US Militaria and my favourite items are WWII M1 helmets. I am also looking for any WWII USMC items to increase my WWII USMC display. I also enjoy modern day cars, I currently drive a MB S65 AMG Coupe.
  1. These are both early war fixed bail helmets. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. St Clair liner- first pattern and the heat stamp on the shell
  3. I sold these helmets a year or two ago and I really want to buy them back. Please let me know if you have seen any of them. In the first picture I am looking for the one named to F H MANN.
  4. I also hardly ever go on eBay at all but sometimes there are some treasures on there
  5. Looks a bit off to me, especially for the price, I would like multiple opinions for the helmet. I am thinking its not real because one the price is dirt cheap, and if the guy didn't know anything about the helmet how did he know what the S stood for? Still I would like a few opinions.
  6. Thats awesome! I don't think they had it last year unless I missed it.
  7. I took a few bids and was outbid at the last second. I really didn't want to let this helmet go but it was too late. I wouldn't call it an investment because I am not buying these kinds of items looking to make a profit on them.
  8. They look a bit sketchy to me, but that's just me
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