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    General History, US Civil War, collecting WW2 US Army and USMC
    Research on USS Niagara and USS Sacramento in Antwerp, 1864.
  1. Hi, Thanks for the reply. Was this recently your dealing with replicators? Over the years I read and heard many people complaints. So maybe they service and quality has improved. Guy
  2. I may relaunch myself into the Great war living history again. Many years ago, early nineties I used an original US officers jacket which I sold afterwards, it wouldn't fit me anyway because of some extra pounds. However, I've been searching sources for a reproduction uniform and it seems only WPG has them, including the peaked cap, sam browne etc. I was wondering if anyone might know another source than WPG? Thanks Guy
  3. Like an earlier post, in the late eighties and early nineties I had EM breeches, EM m1917 jacket, M1918 overcoat and an officers jacket that all fitted me. I wore it on various occasions for display and commorations. I'm 6ft and something, and a time 85kg (thats about 170 lbs) No need to tell when a couple of years later I offered these items for sale then went very fast....much to my regret now wish I could upload some pictures from then Guy
  4. Ken, Yes I'm afraid I had to remove the above mentioned picture from the forum (wrong hosting site and probably some copyright issue) Well I based my assumption on reading that the Marines on board the USS Kearsage manned the forward gun during the seabattle with the CSS Alabama at Cherbourg in June 1864. So far I have not found anything it was general rule. Guy
  5. There is an Ontos at the Marine museum in Quantico. I always imagined it just a bit bigger than this! Guy
  6. This picture was taken on 19th july 1864 by anonymous photographer. It is in a sense quit unique. It is the USS Sacramento anchored in front of the city. Very distinct is the Antwerp cathedral tower and the roof of the city hall. 2 days later the ship would have been completely decorated as it participated in the festivities of the Belgian national day on the 21st july. The crew would perform gundrills and the ships officers invited to city hall for a banket with the mayor and other dignitaries. Guy
  7. Ken, That is awesome information, thanks a lot for that info. Remind me to buy you a beer if ever calling this port! BTW would it be correct to assume the Marines detachment served the largest guns on these vessels. I read in several accounts of the battle between the CSS Alabama and the USS Kearsage, the Marines manned the larger guns of the USS Kearsage. Anyway, thanks again. Guy
  8. Sorcerer1

    55 days at Peking

    That are excelent pictures. Thx for that. Guy
  9. Sorcerer1

    55 days at Peking

    As a kid I loved that movie, actually still do. In all my years of re-enactment, that was a period I would have loved to do, but it is not easy to find equipment and uniforms. The Lee rifle is almost impossible. I need to watch it again to watch for the mistakes, which I'm sure are there. Guy
  10. I'm sorry for replying this late, I'm amidst of a move, selling of a 40 year re-enactment collection, retirement and renovation of a new home and things hobby wise are really low this period. Yes, thanks for the info. Since I'm working (though slow progress) on a book about these ships in Antwerp at the time, I cannot find any info on the guns they carried. From a dairy of a crewmember I know the crew performed gundrills for the amusement of the Antwerp townspeople. It would be nice though to find out what guns. Guy
  11. I have seen similar pictures of our ACW unit captain who was also present at these events back then. I believe his unit was the 29th ID, now very popular amongst re-enactors to portray and the collectors community. I hope its not felt as highjacking this thread, but myself and a couple of other people used to re-enact WW2 in original uniforms and gear late '70's and all through the 80's. It ended for me early 90's, time when my avatar picture was taking. Now I'm 40 years overdue to portray a 20 year old GI
  12. Very interesting article. It kind of mirrors what happened in this country, and elsewhere in Europe, were ACW re-enacting was hugh two decades ago. We had back then a small and dedicated group willing to go whole the way.in our presentations. Myself I travelled many times to the US, and participated in the 135th at Gettysburg. Today most of us have quit or changed period, mostly into the 1914-1918 period. Very sad, but I hang onto all of my gear and continue the interest no matter what. Guy
  13. Just one great collection and lovely display. Wish my sons would be that interested.... Greetings from the Bulge, which is where I am right now Guy
  14. I'm researching the visits of these vessels during the summer of 1864 at my hometown of Antwerp, Belgium. Allthough I have gathered lots of info, and spent hours in the local archives, I'm still in the search of a number of details to make the story complete. Especially about the technical aspects of these vessels. I have tried to contact a number of museums in the US but so far no replies whatso ever. Regrettably the museum of Civil War Naval history is one of them. So anyone reading this can forward me too, or link some interesting website, everything is greatly appreciated. sincere
  15. Having past the museum on various trips to the US in the nineties, I finally stopped there in 2014. Regretted I had never visited earlier. What a collection on Marine history, friendly staff and an occasion to shake hands a WW2 vet of the 5th division. Great visit. Guy
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