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  1. RIP. Thank you for your service.
  2. Thanks Mike! Thanks for the information Scott! Could you tell me if that was the Akron Beacon Journal or Barberton Herald that published the article? I appreciate you looking this article up. Brian
  3. Reverse with the original? soldering on the brooch...
  4. Awards in cases with lock of hair (not a fan of that, but would NEVER dispose of it)...
  5. Just purchased this over the weekend. Things work out in random and very strange ways - this was offered up for sale to me and the gentleman selling it had no idea that the soldier was from my HOMETOWN. Corporal Hunsicker served with the 5th Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division while in Korea. My understanding is that he was fighting near Yongdong, South Korea when he was taken POW. He was reportedly executed in a tunnel near Sunchon, North Korea on October 20, 1950. His remains were recovered during Operation Glory in 1954. If anyone can help me find information on this, I would gre
  6. And the larger pic... No mention of veteran status, other than a well worn sticker....
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