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  1. My Father-In-Law passed away a bit over a month ago. He was with the 513th and the 194th Regiments of the 17th Airborne Division during WWII and participated in the Battle of the Bulge and Operation Varsity. I set up a small display area in my display room in his memory. The cap, wings, CIB, M2 knife, the Airborne First Aid pack, and the helmet Liner (not the shell) were part of his bring backs - all the rest is part of my collection.
  2. The knife is a USMC and I was one of the bidders, but it went way beyond my bid and I, too, was somewhat dumbfounded by its' final price.. But in defense of the buyer, it is an almost mint PAL USMC with its' original PAL scabbard and I know that many of you already have one or have had one on the cheap but for those of us that do not have one nor have ever had one, how often does on these come along? CG
  3. Thanks for the compliment. Yes, the PAL M3 is also blade dated. Until you started this thread I just assumed that all Moose M6 scabbards had 8 staples. Thank you for enlightening me. CG
  4. I have one similar to Capt Case and will try to post a couple of pics with this reply.
  5. Rhscott, Are you saying that the D rings that 2 of the straps attach to are the D rings that are to be found on the attached tail or diaper? Right now on my display I have all 4 straps attached to the garand web belt and have been wondering if this correct. TIA CG
  6. Through my limited experience in collecting a few canteens I don't believe any of the above would rate rare. 1945 and 1944 dated cups and canteens are still quite abundant. Some, like your R.M. Co. 1845, would be a bit more uncommon. Of course, condition counts for alot. Your USM canteen cover looks more like someone's attempt at a USMC rather than any official stamping. I am finding that cups, conteens, and even covers date 1942 and 1943 are increasingly becoming harder to find in good to excellent condition. Also 1941 dated canteen covers (excluding Baker-Lockwood) with clear date and
  7. Here is one of my favorites. The soldier on the far left with the carbine has, I believe, an M3 attached to the ankle area as well as what looks like a paratrooper first aid pack.
  8. Thank you Cap. I guess this confirms that I do not have the only one in the world and 'most likely' a military issue. I would guess that because these belts were not stamped with the U.S. that it became a good candidate for someone to try to fake it as a U.S.M.C. original. CG
  9. I recently picked up a near mint M1936 pistol belt that I am not quite sure is WWII or even military issue. Although in near mint condition there is no date and the maker reads only H.M. Co. There is also no U.S. on the belt which would possibly indicate Marines or lend lease. The buckle is made of the light alloy metal. The keepers are painted steel. Anyone ever come across one of these or know if they are genuine WW2 issue item. TIA - CG
  10. Here are my '41s. The one on the left is in an ATLAS 1941 cover, the center one is in an ATLANTIC PROD. CORP. 1941 cover, and the one on the right is in a BAKER-LOCKWOOD 1941 cover. I once had another '41 canteen that I sold to a fellow collector a while back.
  11. It looks to be 100% legit. What is really neat is the M1 helmet's black coated, raised bar, buckle. To my understanding they are very uncommon appearing around the 700 heat lot number, as your helmet is. Great find. CG
  12. I agree with Gil about not displaying everything, but only a few choice items. In my case I can only display a few choice items. Wife and I moved from a home in Michigan where I had a full basement to display my items to a play here in Arizona where my collection has been regulated to a small upstairs area called a Loft. I have made it into a reading/alone time room. Much more of my collection is either under the table in plastic bins or in the two military wood crates or have sold since we moved here. My wife laughs at the orange leather chair I bought, but I tell her it's not orange, it'
  13. Ebay item 303439261706. What, for me, stood out the most was the difference between the two 'M"s on the guard. The seller, to his benefit, does not state that the knife is a WWII original - only describes the condition. However, he does not give a hint that it may be a reproduction either.
  14. I was at Fort Lewis with the 9th Infantry (3/39th) in 1982 when MREs first started coming out and I remember that we were, at one time, given a LRP packet which was a bit larger than the normal MRE meal packet. It contained all three meals for the day. The 9th Infantry was a test division which means that we were one of the first units to be "tested" with the new stuff. Those first MREs were not real tasty back then. Hope this helps. CG
  15. I believe the money is in the M6 scabbard. Of all six makers of the M6, SBL made the least with only about 7,000 units being produced as compared to Milsco which made the most at about 140,500 units. Blade marked Uticas came originally with an M8 scabbard so the SBL would have been a later field pairing. Another thing is that blade marked Uticas almost seem to be a dime-a-dozen on ebay that, unless in mint or near mint condition, do ever seem to go for much. SBL M6s are believed to be replacement scabbards and would, in theory, go with any blade marked and dated M3 that for some reason or
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