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  1. Priceless family heirloom pistol and really interesting photo!
  2. Very excited to see more information on this incredible grouping. Not many like this around.
  3. I think there is a Marine connection as well. Mostly because I think I can make out 2nd Marines written on the helmet. I am taking some more photos and will compress them a little less so we can see better! I appreciate the responses and I am very excited to be the steward of this piece! Perhaps this is related? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alpha_Company,_Anti-Terrorism_Battalion,_4th_Marine_Division
  4. I have been looking for an Iraqi helmet for quite a while and saw this one sitting on a table at a show. Looks like this is a Desert Storm capture based on the Operation name on the front and the date on the top of 1990-91. I am hoping that someone here could help me narrow down the unit that this helmet was captured by based on the writing. I am unsure what Task Force Alpha or the S.P.i actually means. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Sorry about rotation I just can not figure out why they flip.
  5. Awesome grouping. I was doing some research on the XV Corps today and boom, there are their patches! Cool how that works!
  6. Absolutely insane. Can we get close up pictures of the rifles?
  7. Thanks guys, I got this as a MASSIVE grouping with a ton of paperwork. He was WIA and spent leave recovering in England so maybe that would make sense. I'll post some photos of the other stuff tomorrow. Thanks a ton!
  8. I picked up a vet grouping and he was in the 13th armored and then 101st. I can not identify the hand done looking 101st airborne patch and was hoping to get some more info. If anyone has any info on the 13th patches, that would be great too. I am trying to get an idea of value on the patches as well, I have not paid for the grouping yet and want to give the veterans family a fair price for everything. I know this is not the forum for this, but I figured I would start here. If anyone wants to PM me this info, that would be great. Thanks!
  9. Been looking for a Mk2 since I picked up a navy helmet. I like the gray color of the helmet and the scabbard. I like the blade marked a little more than the guard marked. Knife is in great condition. Look forward to your comments.
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