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  1. This year's been pretty slow, as expected, but I still managed to find a few things. The only US item I got was a $5 1980's M1 helmet, complete with an ERDL helmet cover, at a Goodwill. I also saw a few Army Class A jackets, but all were in bad condition (missing buttons, random bleach stains). Non-US items found so far are a pair of Danish desert flecktarn shorts and a UN beret.
  2. I found some time to work on this project tonight. Here's the muslin prototype parts pinned to the repro before I commit to cutting apart the donor repro shirt with a huge thanks for kammo-man's measurements. Turns out my photo analysis based estimations were off by about 1/2 an inch, too big or small at random. I removed the snaps on the item and I will need to take in the jacket's opening seam since the distance between the opening seam and the snaps is way too large (on the real item, the snaps are right at the opening whereas here there is an extra 0.5 inch or so of material that also o
  3. Thank you very much. Hopefully I'll get a chance to work on it this or next weekend. I've had a very busy 3 months.
  4. Very sorry about that. I'm on here very infrequently especially nowadays with all my work piling up. I haven't had time to work on it stitching it together as much as I wanted to.
  5. I took a chance on this since it was very cheap. If it's real it's probably a late 60's model (not entirely familiar with these). The tag is gone and the knit waistband and cuffs were replaced at some point . I compared this to a 1970 dated one I have with the tag and synthetic collar and the tag dimensions appear to be the same. What do you guys think? Material closeups: This one's leather is a little softer than the 1970 one, but still stiff and not completely floppy like the one here that I think is cowhide: http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/331013-g-2-
  6. I picked this up today. Unfortunately, the scrapbook is missing a few photos and items since the seller took them out for resale and his own personal collection, but otherwise there is still plenty to look at. As for the captured items, there's the 2 Nazi Wehrmacht breast eagles, some Reichsmarks, including a 10 million note, and Nazi era stamps glued in. The seller informed me there were once concentration camp photos he took as well as SS cuff titles that have since been resold to someone else. Most of the papers are newspaper clippings and tourist type postcard photos from whe
  7. I received this item recently. It is an Ecuadorian Red Tiger Stripe set with patch ghosts for an Army Special Forces advisor of some sort. I think it had a "Special Forces" tab since the top tab is significantly longer than the bottom one. The right shoulder has ghosts for a Special Forces patch but only 1 tab. Is the non-"Special Forces" tab "Airborne" or "Ranger"? I was told that it was posted on the US Militaria Forum Facebook group before it was listed on eBay, but I cannot seem to find the original listing. Did any more information come out about this part
  8. Would anyone lucky enough to own an original Paramarine jacket (or an accurate repro of one) be willing to provide me with measurements for the front slant pockets? I am trying to convert a Chinese P42 repro into a Paramarine jacket. Don't worry, the repro will be permanently marked with a permanent marker under the pockets in such a way that the garment would need to be destroyed in order to remove the marking. Besides the pocket flap dimensions, I also need the slant angle of the pockets. It's hard for me to get this from the numerous reference pictures on the internet since they are all
  9. These popped up on eBay recently: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vietnam-MACV-SOG-ONE-ZEROs-Incountry-made-utility-waist-Canvas-pouch/183938888324 Are they real? The price and quantity seem too good to be true especially since in my experience that seller tends to hilariously overprice things. I know to be wary of sellers' descriptions since they are usually trying to make a sale but the material seems to match the one here which also has a similarly alluring description: https://www.omahas.com/shop/m-1-carbine-mag-pouch-gi-sterile/
  10. Probably my last find of this Halloween hunting season, a "transitional" M1950 jacket dated to December 1950. This one has an interesting typo on the contractor tag in the pocket: M7950. Has anyone else observed this? Several months ago I found an MQ-1 pile cap made in the same time period also has a typo on its tag, specifically the dash being placed between the "M" and "Q" on the instructions tag and between "Q" and "1" on the contractor tag, but that inconsistency seems constant across all the pictures of that specific kind of cap I've been able to find. The
  11. I'm seeing a lot more OD M65s than usual this year, mostly post-Vietnam and small sizes, but I picked up a couple late Vietnam dated ones in mint/near mint condition and medium size. I found this interesting souvenir combat shirt today: The DCU material is sewn on top of the base shirt material. It has a lot in common with other NSW-modded BDUs/DCUs I've seen. There is also a pen pocket in the left shoulder pocket.
  12. Thank you patches. Here's the mint condition pack. On second thought it might be USMC P41, but I've never seen a mint one before so I can't tell if this is real or repro.
  13. Fresh finds from today. Now it's starting to pick up: Any ideas why there's an Asiatic-Pacific campaign medal but no WW2 victory one? This guy has been around: Could the large ribbon ghost be for a Ranger battalion? Jacket is dated to 1995. I also found a mint condition M1945 pack (so mint I don't know if it's a repro), Crye frog pants, and a desert MARPAT fleece for resale.
  14. My favorite yearly tradition and thread celebrating it! Here's what I've found so far. This was found today: Looks like a medic's shirt but with 2 division patches. A friend told me that it's a legitimate combination and this soldier served in the 101st and 1st cav at different times, maybe doing recon stuff. Unfortunately "Henderson" seems to be a common name for both people and 20th century military sites so I'm having trouble finding the former owner.
  15. Thanks. I figured the jacket wouldn't be part of a military contract since there were probably more modern alternatives in synthetic materials available by the 1980's. Are the patches at least authentic (both the patches themselves and the arrangement on the jacket)?
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