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  1. I remember you bringing this to the flea market to show it to me. It was the very first Hawley i ever got to see in person. Im still drooling over it!
  2. I bought this helmet for fairly cheap only knowing what the liner looked like. I’m currently overseas so when it arrived home I had my brother unbox it and to my surprise was a 3rd ID insignia. It’s also named but I haven’t been able to get a good picture of the name tag yet.
  3. Original markings applied during there time in service likely in the late 40's-50's (post ww2) IMHO. There are other matching helmets to this one but all of them to my knowledge are late ww2 rear-seams. I own helmet #2
  4. The helmet below was sold here recently and is the twin to mine. I do not own this helmet and was posted for reference only.
  5. Here is one similar from my collection. I know of one other recently sold on this forum identical to mine but marked 3. As far as the medic stencil goes it looks very similar.
  6. Typically the first 3 letters of your initials followed by last 4 of ssn.
  7. Glad you could could keep the original paint on it Robin! Great work as usual.
  8. Here is mine. I believe the CB stands for construction battalion. I apologize for the bad pics its all I have right now.
  9. Wow very cool Id love to see a picture of you hawley mold. I bet its an interesting process!!
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